A teenage love story

this book it's about a girl who never had a real boyfriend, she finally got 4 girlfriends and at prom she finally get kissing the most popular boy mark, and then they have to move.. what is she going to do


7. moving

i kissed mark on his forehead and wishped " goodbye " in his ear.. he took me by the arm and threw me on the bed...we kissed,but then i had to go home! I saw my mom packing my stuff.... i asked her why she were doing that and i got an answer: we are MOVING!! i'm not going any were! i'm belong here, with my boyfreind and my friends! not together with a mom who don't even know how to be one... i'm just moving in with mark, i'm allmost 18, i can take care of my own, just give me some money and then i can earn the rest by my self! "if that is what you want, then fine.. call your boyfriend and tell him that you are moving in with him!" GREAT THANKS!! SEE YA.. BITCH!!!!!!

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