A teenage love story

this book it's about a girl who never had a real boyfriend, she finally got 4 girlfriends and at prom she finally get kissing the most popular boy mark, and then they have to move.. what is she going to do


4. all most prom!

One week to prom every body had a date except me! I were hanging out with mark but I don't know if we were that close....Well the day were like each other day! I woke up, I goes to school, I'm hanging out & then home:( FUCK a boring life! Prom is soon and I don't know that lot of guys! My mom asked me in to that topic and I was just like: " don't play a mom when you don't even know how to be one! " she don't know how I feel because she never tried to be a teenager. I went into mark.. Again! And he asked me if we should read together, so I said of curse that we should;)

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