My Past, Our Present, You're My Future

Kelsey can't predict the future but she hates her present but even when He comes she will forget why she was ever worry or will she get worse?


1. School SUCKS!

Kelsey's P.O.V

Oh look it's the school whore! I hear Brook Hemmings say from down the hall. 

Brook: Oh hey Kelsey I thought for sure that this year I would hear the words "Kelsey Snyder had commit suicide." I guess you didn't cut enough.

Oh shut up Brook I really don't want to hear your voice so early in the morning I snap sassily back to her. Brook Hemmings the perfect bitch that everyone thought was so perfect, and just for everyone else who wants to fit in copy her by torturing me every single day. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I felt someone shove me into the lockers causing me to fall to the cold,hard floor. I'd looked up to only see Brook and her fake "friends" laughing their asses off. This is the main reason I think school SUCKS! I have a 3.8 GPA so one day I'm going to be Brooks boss and torture her like she did to me. I get up and realized I was late to my first class. As I walk into my class (English) I receive a detention. GREAT a detention on the first day of school. I then go to my seat towards the back of the class, I feel feet try to trip me from all over causing me to stumble and fall I finally get to my seat in one piece sitting down trying to avoid eye contact with anyone but failing seeing Brook whisper something to one of her "friends" and then laugh probably something about me. I think to my self how I'm going to survive this year?


Hey you guys I hope you enjoyed the first chapter this is my first story. I'm really excited to write for you guys and I don't want you guys to be to critical about it but I want to know about what you guys think about it. THANKS! Love you guys. ♥

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