Life-Lesson Learnt

When five year old Gwen was told she was going to be the new human drug experiment, she didn't know what kind of life she was going to expect. Now, ten years later, she is broken, torn and planning her escape. That is, until, when she is in a drug-induced coma, she hears a familiar voice, and wants a face to connect with it. When they meet, what will happen between them?


8. Violet-Chapter Seven.

        "You've got a very nice house, erm....I'm sorry, I'm not too sure we caught your name?" I asked the woman who had let us in.

        "It's Evie. Evie Quinn-mother of four kids in this house, and Harvey is the one you want?" Evie looked right at Gwen, and now I saw how scruffy she seemed in this lovely house, with her burgundy hoodie and slightly ripped dark blue denim jeans. Gwen nodded.

        Evie pursed her lips, and showed us the way to a moderately sized conservatory-the floor was littered with children's  toys and books. "Sorry about the mess, my youngest Leon is shy, but he sure does like to make a lot of clutter everywhere he goes. Please, have a seat and I'll just go and get Harvey for you."

        Gwen and I glanced at each other, and we both tentatively sat down on the wooden chairs. "Would you like a drink before I go?" We both shook our heads, and Gwen let out a breath as Evie stepped out of the room. "You feeling alright?" I asked, in response, all I got was a shaky laugh.

        "Leon, get off...Seriously, get off! My hair is not a way to control my brai-ow!" Harley-Harvey, walked in with who I assumed to be his younger brother Leon clinging onto his older brothers hair in a desperate attempt to 'control his brain.'

        "Leon, get off of your brother, go and annoy Laurel and her friends-I might even give you a treat later on." Evie smiled as her youngest hopped off into another room instantly. "Violet, was it? Come with me and we'll leave these two to sort out whatever they were going to do, yes?" I glanced a bit uneasily at Gwen, but she already seemed to be in a staring contest with Harvey. 

        "It's fine, Violet, it's not as if I'm going anywhere, is it?" Gwen turned to me, and a smile played briefly on her mouth, before  turning back to stare expressionless at Harvey.

        "Ok...I'll be with Evie if you need anything, so..." I followed Evie hesitantly into the kitchen, turning back to her when I reached the door.










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