Life-Lesson Learnt

When five year old Gwen was told she was going to be the new human drug experiment, she didn't know what kind of life she was going to expect. Now, ten years later, she is broken, torn and planning her escape. That is, until, when she is in a drug-induced coma, she hears a familiar voice, and wants a face to connect with it. When they meet, what will happen between them?


1. Prologue.

Dearest Gwen,


      As of our instruction, you should receive this letter on the day of your 18th birthday. Hopefully, the doctors, or nurses, or scientists, or whoever is running those tests on you should follow our command, and give it to you. Hopefully.

      We would like to tell you why exactly we sent you to them, and to explain that we didn't really have any choice in sending you away. We had to, and we want to let you know that we love you more than even life itself.

       It was a few days before your forth birthday, and you were so, so excited, that it made everyone around you excited as well-you were so happy back then, and were always smiling, even in your sleep. You also loved watching Winnie-the-Pooh so much, that you insisted that we buy you every single character from it, in the form of small, cuddly key-rings. Do you remember, your favourite character was Eeyore? You had all sorts of toys of him, but you favoured the one that glowed the best?

       So when you fell ill, you were so upset, that you lay in bed and stayed cuddled up to him the entire time, but you also smiled through the pain as well. You were so brave back then. You still are, and we are so proud of you for being brave.

       We were so worried about you,and the pain you felt was so bad, that when it came to your birthday three days later, we decided to take you to hospital. 

      Oh, and we cried, we cried so badly that you started to cry as well, even though you didn't know what we were crying about. You were a lot like that back then, if you saw somebody crying, even a total stranger, laughing, crying or looking moody, you would do the exact same, even when you feeling the exact opposite. 

      You were diagnosed with Rotavirus. We had absolutely no idea how it you caught it, but the doctor seemed insistent that you had it. At the time, there was no vaccine, but even if there was, you were a bit too old for it.

     So it seemed that our precious time with you was going to end. We threw a low key party for you, to make up for missing your birthday party, but with just the family. Do you remember, we bought you a puppy, and you decided to call him Eeyore? It was so predictable of you, and we loved you because of it. Eeyore is sleeping with all your Eeyore toys at the moment, and we hope that as soon as you are able to be let a visit home, you will be able to spend time with him as well.

      A few months later, you threw up so suddenly, without warning, and it was covered in what looked like black, liquidy goo. You looked relieved after that, and a bit less like you were in pain. 

       We got professionals to look into it, and they said they didn't know what it was, that is was probably something you ate, and that we shouldn't worry about it. How ironic.

      Anyway, we carried on looking after you, until your fifth birthday. We were all so happy that you had lived another day, another month, another yearThat wasn't meant to happen, and all the doctors, nurses, scientists, professionals said the same; you had beaten one of the most deadliest plagues to overcome children.

     They double-checked tests, took blood samples, but still, you rode the pain with smiles so big, there was hardly any more room on your face for the rest of your features. We were so amazed, and so proud with you.

     That is why the government took you away, because you survived something terrible, and they wanted to run tests to see how you worked, to see why you lived when you shouldn't have done. They won't let us see you, until you're eighteen, which they should give you your letter before you decide to see us again.

     Just remember, whatever your decision, we will still love you, and be so, so proud of whatever happens to you.

       Be safe, and carry on being the strong little girl we all know you can, and, will, be for years to come.


Love your ever proud parents,

                          Mum & Dad xxx






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