Life-Lesson Learnt

When five year old Gwen was told she was going to be the new human drug experiment, she didn't know what kind of life she was going to expect. Now, ten years later, she is broken, torn and planning her escape. That is, until, when she is in a drug-induced coma, she hears a familiar voice, and wants a face to connect with it. When they meet, what will happen between them?


5. Mr and Mrs Noble-Chapter Four.

      There's not a single moment where we don't think about her-it is quite hard, you need to understand, to imagine somebodies voice, their face, and only remember what they were like when you last saw them ten years ago. It hurts terribly to think about these sorts of things, especially when they are your own flesh and blood, your family, your daughter-and only have photos of times that do not show what happened before, to make that happen, or after to show everything that did happen.

        We always wish that things had been different, that it was somebody else's child-it is incredibly selfish, but no one understands what it it like to have somebody ripped away from you, so quickly, so painfully, with no choice, and the child has no say in what happens. 

        Gwen will always be our brave little girl, and that's why we keep the dog, Eeyore. We look after him, keep him healthy, so that maybe one day our daughter will come back and remember-maybe not us, but hopefully Eeyore, Eeyore gives us hope. If he can survive, so can she.

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