Life-Lesson Learnt

When five year old Gwen was told she was going to be the new human drug experiment, she didn't know what kind of life she was going to expect. Now, ten years later, she is broken, torn and planning her escape. That is, until, when she is in a drug-induced coma, she hears a familiar voice, and wants a face to connect with it. When they meet, what will happen between them?


4. Gwen-Chapter Three.

        Old Mr Donnelly opened the door, and peered at the three of us over the top of his half-moon glasses with a look of extreme distaste.

        "And what do you think you're doing in my office?!" Mr Donnelly roared, saliva flying out of his wrinkled, monkey-like lips. Violet, the delivery boy and I all flinched.

        Spotting the creamy, word covered bag of books hanging from my clenched hand, Donnelly stormed over to me and tried to pull it away, but he misjudged how strong my grip was and nearly fell on his backside. Violet rushed to his side before he went toppling over.

        "Young lady, give me that bag right now, or you will be in so much trouble!"

        "What trouble exactly? You'll stick with more needles? Take away my town privileges? Fine! Take the books, it's not like I paid for them!" I snapped, and stormed out of the door as quickly as I could, only stopping to shove the bag in Mr Donnolly's curved claws of hands.

        Walking out into the corridor, I slowed and sat down on one of the many randomly placed chairs. There was muffled talking in Mr Donnelly's office. Violet walked out shortly after, followed by the Delivery Boy. Violet sat down next to me, and I leaned against her.

        Putting her arm around me, she said, "Look at it this way Gwen, at least you stood up to him, eh? Showing him he can't bully you? Come on, let's get you back to your room, yes?" Violet stood up, and brushed her hands down her trousers.

        "Hey, um-thanks anyway for the books. Maybe when I go into town next I can get them..." I trailed off, as Delivery Boy was smiling and obviously trying not to laugh at me.

        "Here. I took a couple copies of each book, and hid them in my bag as I know what he is like." He was reaching into his satchel, but Violet stopped him, grabbed him by his arm and started to pull him toward the end of the corridor-right toward my room.

        "What-hey, let go!" Delivery Boy started to pull away, but Violet didn't stop until she shoved him into my room. He stumbled, but still managed to keep his balance.

        "Sorry about that, I was afraid that Mr Donnelly would've seen you take the books out and confiscate them too." 

        Glaring at Violet, Delivery Boy handed me my books. Smiling, I thanked him, and went to place them in my bedside drawer.

        "So, this is your room. Geez, I wondered why all those staff looked sorry-wait, wait, wait, wait-they do experiments? On a teenage girl? That is some crazed up crap-surely the government wouldn't allow it? Who's parents would allow this? Surely they're only allowed to do this on animals? Not people? We need to report this! Like, right now! Right, flipping now!"

        Making it blatantly obvious it was a tentative subject, I told him as politely as I could to leave. Judgemental bastard. Who was he to-to talk about my parents like that? I always told myself that they didn't have a choice-but this boy was seriously pissing me off.

        "Just go. And I want someone else to deliver my books from now on.What's your name?"

        "What?" Delivery Boy looked confused.

        "You heard me. What. Is. Your. Name." I said through gritted teeth.

         "It's Harvey...Harvey Quinn."

           "Thanks. You can go now." I turned away, and didn't turn back until I heard the soft snick of the door closing. There was movement at my shoulder-Violet. I hadn't realised she didn't leave at the same time Harvey did.

        "What the hell was that Gwen?" She asked me quietly.





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