Life-Lesson Learnt

When five year old Gwen was told she was going to be the new human drug experiment, she didn't know what kind of life she was going to expect. Now, ten years later, she is broken, torn and planning her escape. That is, until, when she is in a drug-induced coma, she hears a familiar voice, and wants a face to connect with it. When they meet, what will happen between them?


10. Gwen-Chapter Nine.

        Harvey opened and closed his mouth so many times I was surprised it didn't fall off at the jaw.

        "Really? You? That's where the rumours came from?" Grinning, I nodded.

        "Yep. Cracked my knuckles right across nose for doing that. Now that I think about, I probably did more damage to his non-existent brain than I did my fist." Okay, so I should probably explain. It was a few months ago, and I was around town with Violet and her brother Barney. Barney took me into a bookshop, while Violet waited outside with Barney's dog, Rudy.

        We had just bought our books, and were walking out the shop when we heard Violet shout really loud, "Hey, give him back!" Barney shoved the bag of books into my arms and had ran out to see what was wrong. It was Frittle. And he had taken Rudy from Violet.

        'I know this guy...He's the jerk that everyone seemed to know.' I had thought, as I strode toward the biggest airhead known to earth. Barney was already trying to grab at Rudy's lead, while Wynn just kept on laughing. Even an alien that didn't experience human emotions could tell that Barney was getting seriously pissed off. And Barney went all cat-caught-in-a-corner when he got pissed and lashed out.

        Wynn started to walk away, still with Rudy's lead in his hand. Rudy's old, so looking back at us, he started to plod after Wynn, but he was walking too fast for Rudy to catch up. Now, was getting seriously pissed off. Who the hell did he think he was? Storming after Wynn, I snagged his hood and pulled at it so he turned to face me. As soon as he twisted round, I made my fist connect with his nose and my foot with his privates-if he actually had any balls, it probably would've made hell for him on the pain scale.

        "And that's what you get for being an absolute inconsiderate bastard, airhead. Now, piss off!" Glaring at Frittle's groaning, crumpled up form, I picked up Rudy's lead and walked angrily back to Violet and Barney. Poor Rudy. He was probably the most confused dog in the entire world right now.

        Violet looked at me with a shocked look on her face, while Barney just walked over and gave me a bear hug, and said, "That was the most badass thing I've ever seen you do, Gwen. Thanks."









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