So i just wanna write about this suicidal people and self harms.. Sorry for my english. Its not perfect. :)

Soo i wanted to write about my life. Im not perfect. Ive seen a lot of films where people ended their life suicidal. I didn't thought about this before.. But now.. I realize why people do this. Because their life full of shit. So the story of my life is.. Im just a 13 year old girl from school (the most popular school in our city bc our president was studied in this school) so this school where everyone is , you know rich, and popular :) but im not. I dont have good grades. And i have some problems with my family. But i dont wanna talk about this. So i m not pretty :) and boys dont like me😁 soo😄 of course i have my bff (but we always say that we are sisters) her mom really good friends with mine. We are friends for about 10 years. Yeah we have some problems but i think that this is just because she is very important for me. So she is not this type of person that i can tell about this "shit" :D but i tell her everything.. Not this.. So i believe and i love God! Every night i say to him that i want my family only to be healthy and happy. People say that this suicide is not right bc God has gaved you this life and you must live it. But if he gave this problems, this things, why you cannot die? Of course if God wants he took our life's. But i think he do this things to suicid bc people must understand what i mean to them? I always feel so comfortable bc of God. And what he will do with us no one knows. I feel depressed and i cant tell this to someone bc they will not understand me. Now i think about this "suicide" but i scare about this. I don't know what i will do with all this "shit" around me. But if i die (Allah elemesin) people will understand what I've mean for them. But now i must leave.. :) but it will be so hard for me..❤️

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