Movellas school of Witchcraft and Wizardry assignments

This movella is meant for movellas school of witchcraft and wizardry lessons and assignments. Please don't sign up here! I have a separate movella for that! The other movella is for announcements and sign ups only! This movella is for lessons and assignments only! Thanks!


2. Astronomy

This is out first unit of astronomy, and so I'm just going to introduce you to our first unit. Constellations. Later in this unit, we will have a project where you will study one constellation, but now, I'm just going to go over a list of conatellations that you need to know what they are, and there names;

Aries = lamb

Taurus = bull 

Gemini = twins

cancer = crab

Leo = lion

Virgo = maiden with corn ear

Libra = scales

Scorpio = scorpion

Sagittarius = archer

Capricorn = kid

Aquarius = water purer 

Pisces = fish

Start to memorize these, and write them all twice in you're assignments movella. This is due 2/24! Good luck!

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