A short, one chapter fantasy story. xx :)


1. Wings


The sound of wedding bells filled the air as my 24 year old sister walked out the church with her new husband, Johnny, Amelia and Johnny had known each other for 3 years and I couldn't believe they actually married each other, its not that I didn't like Johnny it was his sister. She was about my age but had long black hair, she had deep blue eyes and freckles, she was extraordinarily beautiful but she scared me. Every time I tried to talk to her she looked at me like I was speaking a different language. I have heard her speak to my sister and Johnny and she has a voice as melodic as a birds song.

After the ceremony there was a party! Amelia said it was going to be 'enchanted' because Johnny's family was really into all that magical fairy dust stuff. "Jasmine, why don't you go hang out with peace, Johnny's sister!?" said my mum in a slightly irritated tone. "mmm-okay" I said "but first give me my converse these shoes are killing me!" I moaned. "Ohhh, but you look so adorable" she said, straightening my dress before thrusting my converse at me. "now go and find Peace, she's a lovely girl, very..." she said searching for a word to describe her before swiftly moving towards a tall dark haired lady "aaaaahhhhh! Pricilla, darling!!" she said leaving me stranded amongst the strangers I didn't know. I scanned the party for Peace, even though I could tell as soon as I opened my mouth it would instantly become awkward. I spotted her and made my way towards her, she turned to look at me, her long black hair was curled and she had a long white dress on with a red flower in her hair to match her ruby red shoes and nails. I bent over and slipped my black converse on. by the time I looked up she was standing next to a girl wearing a quirky  green dress and long stripy socks they both turned to face me as I moved towards them. "hello!" I said with my best smile on. Peace said nothing. The Quirky- dress girl turned to me, "hi" she said in a warming voice, "I'm Sky! I'm Johnny's cousin" I bit my tongue, sky and peace were the most weird and wonderful names I had ever heard! "what a lovely name, I'm Jasmine" I said, slightly embarrassed about my ordinary name. "thanks" she said, "are you on the bride's side?" she asked "yes, I'm Amelia's sister" I said holding my hand out, she took it willingly, smiling delightfully. " well, I've got to go," she said after a while "I need to catch up with Johnny!" she said smiling wider as she disappeared towards the chaos. I was disappointed to see her go, she made the awkwardness between me and peace disappear. " so did you enjoy the ceremony?" I asked "you know, I was quite jealous of you being flower girl!" I laughed awkwardly, she smiled shyly. I was starting to get annoyed "I love your dress!" I said, she nodded. I sighed as a moment went by... "LOOK! I have tried so hard with you, and all you do is nod!! I have heard you chat to my sister and brother- in-law so why not me!! If you don't want to be friends just say!!" I instantly regretted it as soon as I said it. Her hurt expression in her eyes made me want to take it all back. She turned away and ran off towards the forest, further away from were all the mayhem was happening. I chased after her feeling guilty that I said all those things. she went deeper and darker into the forest until finally she sat down, either exhausted from the running or she sat down to cry. I caught her up, as I got nearer I could see she wasn't just sobbing she was glowing a bright illuminating glow. I stood a meter away from her a little tired from running and taken back from what I had just seen. "When - tears f-all-" she said out of breathe from her weeping. "this - h-happens" she put her head in her knees and glowed like the twinkling stars in the sky. I slowly moved towards her, cautious as I stepped. tears couldn't help fall from my face. I knelt down next to her rapped my arms round her, as I put my hand on her shoulder blades I could feel something growing- Wings. "now you know my secret" she said.

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