Reading Your Own Life

Harry has just been attacked by Dementors, he wants to know what is going on and why people are ignoring him. When he gets a letter though, it isn't what he expects. It seems to be from the future! Not only that, but Harry now has to read the Harry Potter books where all his secrets will be revealed.


1. The Beginning of an Unusual Summer

Harry was in a very bad mood. It had now been two whole days since the Dementor attack and still no one had contacted him, not even a small word of comfort let alone an explanation. Did not anyone think that he, Harry, had a right to know to know what was going on? After all, he had seen Voldemort re-born, his friend be killed, cut on from almost all contact all summer, and now dementors?

Harry gave a snort; he bet it was all Dumbledore’s idea of ‘keeping him safe’. Well, that hadn’t turned to well then if that was the case. He stood up and started pacing his room again.After angrily slamming his fists on the wardrobe, he fell onto the bed without undressing and lay there in an apathetic phase just staring at his ceiling.

He must as drifted off at some point for a loud thump jerked him sitting upright. Still rubbing sleep out of his eyes,Harry glanced around for the source of the noise. He soon found it as his eyes fell on a distinctly ruffled looking owl that was perching on his window sill. Opening the window, it gave a feeble hoot and somewhat dizzily tumbled in. After placing the owl in Hedwig’s empty cage, Harry turned to the letter he had detached. To his interest, he noticed that it was written on thin paper that muggles generally used, and not the ordinary parchment. A wave of relief and excitement welled up inside him; this had to be from Dumbledore, explaining everything, or from Ron or Hermione! With shaking fingers, he ripped open the seal and began to hurriedly read.

Dear Harry

This letter is going to sound crazy however I put it, so I might as well just begin. I am from what you would call the future! Yes, I know, but just bear with me while I try to explain. So, you know about timeturners, (How could you not after 3rd year!), but our wonderful Hermione has discovered a device even more powerful. It can send back actual objects. We don’t know if it can sent people back, that would be too risky to try. But we can send you back some information.

Don’t ask how this device works as I have no idea! I would ask Hermione, but she would probably go on for hours, and we don’t have time for that. Anyway, I’m getting off track now! We are going to send back some books. Hey, don’t look like that; they’re quite interesting books actually. I know, unbelievable. These books are all about your life. When you (no, I, we?) become even more famous, (it’s all to do with Voldemort), this author wrote some books using my memories. At first I wasn’t so keen, I mean, who would want the whole world knowing about their life, but they’ve turned out to be quite useful.

Ron says I keep rambling and should ‘get to the good stuff.’ So, what’s going to happen is that you need to gather some certain people, go to the room of requirement, say this incantation I will give you, and voila! You will need to say the incantation as Hermione will need a little help to transport all these books. Just don’t question it. Okay, so people you will need are:

Harry Potter (obviously)

Hermione Granger

Ron Weasley

All the rest of the Weasley family (even Percy)

Albus Dumbledore

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Nymphadora Tonks

Alastor Moody

Severus Snape (Yes, I know, just try not to kill him)

Luna Lovegood

Neville Longbottom

I think that’s everyone for now, if I remember anyone else, I’ll try and send you a note.

The incantation you will need is, ‘ostende mihi’. Just say it as soon as everyone is in the room.

That’s everything for now, so good luck!


P.s. Ask Dobby how to get into the Room of Requirements.

Harry finished reading the letter and stood there feeling shocked. There were books about him? This was from the future? This had to be some sort of joke, maybe a Death Eater. Who knew what the incantation might do? If this wasn’t a joke though… maybe it would be best to ask Dumbledore. Anger reared up again at the thought of the headmaster. How was he supposed to ask him, if he was being completely ignored? Again, the frustration and anger that had been with him all summer, settled over him like a blanket. Pacing again Harry kicked his trucked as he walked passed it, and had to sit down from the now growing pain in his foot. After a while of thinking, Harry decided to wait until someone decided to talk to him or visit him, then he would go to Dumbledore. After placing the letter on his overflowing desk, Harry stumbled back to bed and fell into a sleep that, for once, was free from nightmares. 

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