I warned you

"Spencer" cries of an unknown voice screaming my name, unknown of my surroundings but all I feel is that I'm continuously falling and falling into a black oblivion with no hope of a saviour left to fend for myself when all I feel is numb and all I want is him by my side...


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2

A chilly breeze drifted through the window shit! I forgot to shut the window after I climbed through it last night. I attempted to fall back to sleep but failed miserably, time to get up. I rolled over to the other side of the bed, almost falling off might I add. My phone started blasting battlescars by Guy Sebastian, I looked at the caller id Lucas 😜

"hey babe" he said cheerily through the phone "Did you want me to show you around town today? I could introduce you to the boys if you want to"

"Yeah, that would be awesome" I replied

"Great what time would you like me to pick ya up?" He asked

"Well I only just woke up, so let's say an hour?" I smiled

"Yeah so at 10:30" he said "see you then babe"

"Alright cool, see ya soon" then I hung up and went to get ready.

So I've got an hour to get ready, I went straight for a shower. I used my lavender shampoo and conditioner, I loved it. I washed my body and shaved my legs and got and wrapped a fluffy town around my body, I loved having an onsueet I was lucky to be an only child, but sometimes it got lonely. I decided on black leggings, a grey jumper and vans. I walked down stairs to get some breakfast, I saw a plate with bacon an eggs with a note next to it. The note said;


I made you some breakfast, I'm sorry I couldn't be there I had some urgent errands that needed to be attended to, I need to talk to you so don't be home to late, I hope to be home and cook dinner, but if not there's 20 dollar note on the fridge. Take care Hun

Love mum x

What 'urgent errands'? I has no clue so I gave up and ate my breakfast. I got a text from Luke

From: Lucas 😜

Hey, I just forgot where you live

I laughed

To: Lucas 😜

I live at 85 crescent place

From: Lucas 😜

Alright, be there in 5

I put my plate in the sink and quickly ran up stairs and grabbed my purse and keys, ran back down stairs and just as I reached the bottom the doorbell rang. I felt so excited, I hoped me and Luke would become great friends. I opened the door to a very happy Luke hey gorgeous he smiled, hey Lucas i replied and he laughed. Shall we get going? He asked we shall i said.

I locked up the house and Luke interlocked our hands as we travelled down the drive way, we both looked down at our intertwined hands and both looked up and smiled to each other and carried on. We made it to his car and he opened his car door for me a gentleman I thought, li smiled at his gesture. He walked around the car and climbed in. Where to first me lady? He smiled I don't know, surprise me I winked and he chuckled. He revved up the engine and took of.

Whilst he was driving, I looked out the window, you never realise how fast things fade when your driving. I wasn't paying that much attention to where we were going, but to the nice weather. We arrived at a destination I had no idea where but I trusted Luke. He hoped out and opened my door for me, we held hands as we walked towards the building. As we reached the front door, I could here cheering and yelling. Luke opened the door and stepped in with me behind him. Lukeeee!!!! I heard various voices yell. They all came torpedoing towards Luke.

There was 3 males who all looked around Luke's age. One was tall with spiky hair that was white with a black stripe he had black shoes with black skinny jeans and an American flag shirt. The second one had brown hair that was sorta shaggy, a Nirvana shirt, black skinny jeans and no shoes. The last one had slightly darker skin, dark brown hair, a grey shirt and black skinny jeans.

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