I warned you

"Spencer" cries of an unknown voice screaming my name, unknown of my surroundings but all I feel is that I'm continuously falling and falling into a black oblivion with no hope of a saviour left to fend for myself when all I feel is numb and all I want is him by my side...


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1

The dance floor was crowded, the bar full of drunken idiots, I don't know what possessed me to come and drink. I don't know wether it was the alcohol or me, but I could've sworn someone was watching me, my ears were burning, I could feel eyes bore into my skull, they would travel from my eyes to my feet and back up again, slowly undressing me with its eyes. I was starting to get very creeped out. I'll just ignore it. I made my way to the dance floor, through the swamp of sweaty bodies, I found my way to the middle and started dancing, I felt a pair of hands grab my hips and pull me into his crotch and start grinding. I also felt those eyes again, but not on me, on him. Like there were holes burning him, melting his body and contact far away from me. How is that possible?

I made my way up to the bar keep, I could see he was checking me out, I didn't see why though. I wasn't 'hot' I was just a normal 18 year old from Manchester, UK who now lives in Bradford because my mother dragged me here without my consent.

"She'll have a 'Sex On The Beach' on me" I felt a shiver desend down my spine, did it suddenly get chilly in here? I turned around and was met with a pair of blue eyes, I looked into them, he was the guy from earlier, he sounded Irish, he has the hottest eyes and blond hair, nope I can't think like that. I was shocked he chuckled. I faced the dance floor, he was stood be hind me. His head curved down and around to the crook of my neck " you're gonna need it after that show you put on back there" I didn't need to turn around to know that he was smirking "I'm sure you would know all about that hey?" I laughed, pushing his buttons, testing his limits "now, now there's no need to be mean love" he said. I barely knew him and I already hated him. "Drinks up" the bar keep called. he bent down into the same position as before "I'll be seeing you" he said and walked of. I just laughed to myself, he won't be seeing me. I turned and took a sip of the drink he ordered me, it was nice.

I could tell this was going to be a long night. I was sitting by myself, just thinking what this town is going to be like, that was until I bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry" I said he was tall blond hair, smelt nice "nah it's cool, I'm Luke by the way" he stuck out his hand, I shook it and said "Spencer" "nice to meet you" "you to, it's nice to now there are some nice people here" I smiled "so you're new here" he said as we took a seat "I wondered why I haven't seen you before" I giggled, he smiled. He was really nice, though he didn't have an accent. "How long have you been here " he asked "um I got here this morning, I'm from Manchester." I smiled "well I'm from Australia, that's why I don't have an accent" "that's why" I laughed "I didn't know where you were from Australia" I smiled

We continued to talk the rest of the night. I learnt that he was in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer originally with Michael and Calum but Michael found Ashton when he was on eBay, so Michael says he found Ashton on eBay when they're asked about it, I thought it was hilarious. He also said they play at local gigs, he was gonna play for me some time "so what school are you going to?" He asked "Um CollingHill College" he looked shocked "OMG that's where i go" I just smiled like a looney. "No way! I'm so happy" I looked down at my watch 11:40pm shit "it was so nice getting to know you, I've had a great time, but I've gotta go" he pouted "what street do you live on?" "Crester Place" he smile "so do I" "do you mind If I walk home with you" he asked "no, not at all"

We out of the club, I completely forget about the Irish guy, until I felt eyes roam my body for like the 5th time this night, will 'e piss of! I looked over my shoulder and saw he smirking at me, but I could see flames of hatred in his eyes. Was he jealous Lukes arm was around me?

We continued walked, I stopped "well, this is me" I smiled, he smiled "hey how bout I show you around town?" "Yes please" we both smiled "how about I text you tomorrow?" "Yeah here, I'll give you my number" he gave me his phone, I gave it back. "I'll see you tomorrow Spence, goodnight" "Goodnight Luke" we both laughed. He kept walking down the street. I climbed up the tree, through the window trying not to make one possible sound and not waking mum up. As I was getting changed into my pajama a, I got a text

From: Lucas 😜

Goodnight :)

To: Lucas 😜

Night ;)

I then fell asleep, looking forward to tomorrow.

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