A Collection Of Pearls

In 1921, Eleanor's grandmother dies, leaving her grandchild the most precious belonging - her jewelry box. Inside there's many wonderful things... but just one grabs Eleanor's uttermost attention. A pearl necklace. It's the night of her eighteenth birthday and she's preparing for the ball so pulls out her best gown, slips on her finest heels and in tribute to her dead grandmother, adds the necklace. All of the secrets that kept the two apart are revealed... never again would she underestimate the power of an object.


3. Chapter 3

Longing for the time to come, I stare at the clock with eager eyes. In half an hour the guests would begin to arrive, and I'd be having the time of my life, celebrating my eighteenth birthday. My maid walks over to the chair where I sit, and shows me a pair of sparkling silver heels, ones I was gifted with for my sixteenth birthday two years ago. Even now they had that magical sparkle which made you mesmerized.

'I'm sure these would look stunning against your dress, Miss Eleanor', she uses her hand to present them to me.

'Yes they would... indeed', I agree and push out my legs so she could slip them on. Once she fits them onto each foot I stand up and thank her. My gratitude is growing like I told my father just the day before. 'I think I'm going to go downstairs now, thank you for helping me prepare'.

She nods and wanders off out my door, me following behind. Another thing I need to work on is my patience, but surely arriving at your party early is perfectly fine?

I find myself hovering around the sitting room, pulling out books whilst servants stare at me curiously. Somehow I'm doing something wrong by acting normal. As much as life is amazing it's faults are obvious, such as labels. People are instantly expected to only do certain things.

Behind me are foot steps - someone else to stare. 'Do you wish for anything, Miss Eleanor?' A gentle male voice asks, one I've never heard before. I spin around feeling the fabric brush against my ankles. He stands with neatly brushed back, dirty blonde hair and a clean crisp suit, one which the servants wear. When he begins to walk a bit closer I notice he's young, only a little older than me perhaps.

'Are you new?' I ask, as never before have I seen him.

'Yes, Miss Eleanor - I am', I begin to feel a flutter in my stomach as he speaks to me. Understanding the ways of the labels, I shouldn't have feelings like this towards a servant. The thought makes me like him even more.

I smile at him, 'Then welcome, I hope you enjoy working here.'

'Thank you very much, and I grant you a happy birthday! Is there anything you wish for?' He asks me once again, and I shake my head, so he walks off out of the room. I look down and continue to read the book held in my hands. As I do so, the words get blurry...


'It's okay, Nora... don't cry! We'll work it out!' George attempted to comfort me as I leant against him, crying in the rain, 'Honestly, Nora! Everything will work out in the end... we just need a fraction of time'.

My face pressed harder into his chest, and I sobbed vigorously, 'It's just not fair... what is so wrong with falling in love with someone a little poorer?'

'You know I'm more than a little poorer.' I couldn't see them, but felt his beady eyes looking at me in a lecturing manner.

'That doesn't make it any more fair!' I shot back. People said it's best to be honest, but knowing the truth about life hurt.


Another coincidental vision about my grandmother. Perhaps these are giving me signs, trying to guide my way around life... guiding a young foolish girl to perfection... or it's just a way to find out about my grandmother, as in just two short visions, I've learnt a lot.

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