A girl is like a lioness. While her male counterpart sits in the den all day, she is on the prowl.


1. Lioness (by K. E. Kamiko)

She is strong, never wrong

She holds herself with a sturdy feel

Her will is that of iron

Her nerves, that of steel

She'll never back down to a challenge, no matter how small

She plays by the rules

Or not at all

She is as sturdy as the gates

That mark her place

As strong as a lioness

As poised as the great cat, never at rest

She never lets go

Of her inner flow

She's in touch with herself

She never lets go of what she believes

Never put up on a shelf

She'll be there when the walls tumble and rattle

As the security of home gives way to battle

She'll be there on front lines

Hunting not only to survive

No, she lives instead to thrive

Never underestimate such a life, well

Her feelings are not to be trifled

She'll never give up, never give in

She'll never give up what she knows to be kin

She's the one we know is best

She's as strong, sturdy and poised as a lioness

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