Julia's friend DJ over heard her singing and convinces her to audition for x-factor 2014 what happens when she meets her idols? Will she fall in love?
{read to find out}


4. Talking behind her back

Johnny's POV

Yesterday we heard Julia singing and man she was good I love her voice she's an amazing singer so a texted every one but her to come over I think she should audition for x-factor and become a singer.

"Hey, guys" I said waving as they came into our fort in the backyard yes we are immature like that

"What?" Asked Casey

"It's about Julia's singing yesterday" I said

"You don't like Julia's singing your probably the only one" every one yelled

"No it's not that I didn't like it, it's that I loved it" I replied

"It was perfect" J.P said looking up as of he was daydreaming we all looked up

"Ok well that was creepy" I replied sassily pointing at him

"Ok moving on what did you wanna say" asked Emmy

"Oh ya well I was thinking maybe she should audition for x-factor" I said

"Ya she should" every one started agreeing

"Wait are you sure Canadians are able to audition" asked Phebster

"Ya everyone deserves the be treated equally" I said nodding my head

"Now all we need to do is convince her to audition, that would be the hard part because she's obviously shy when it comes to singing in front of people" Phebster said

"Ya well we'll do that part tomorrow" I said

"Let's go over to Julia's now" JP suggested as we all got up and ran over


I may not be able to update for a while because my chord to charge my iPod\iPad broke. I'll update as much as I can when I get a new one I may have enough battery to update another chapter later. Love you.

Kassy- xx

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