Julia's friend DJ over heard her singing and convinces her to audition for x-factor 2014 what happens when she meets her idols? Will she fall in love?
{read to find out}


5. convince her


'She's so perfect I love her so much' I thought in my mind I didn't notice in reality I was swaying back and forth with my arms in front of me saying 'la la la la la la' when I finally snapped out ouf my fantasy I blinked my eyes to see everyone staring at me and Johnny with his phone taking a video. Not long after Phebster and Julia came walking in I guess Phebster already asked because they were already having a huge debate about it…

"Please" begged Phebster

"No" sassed Kassy. She's so adorable when she's debating.







It went on for about an hour till Julia finally gave in

Kassy's POV

"Fine" I gave in. As every one came into a huge hug once we broke the hug JP still had his arms around around me and wouldn't let me go

"Um..." I said and he finally let go of me, he was probably still in one of his fantasies because he tried to kiss me but I doges it.

Phebster's POV

JP was being creepy again.


Sorry about the sucky chapter I ran out of ideas I'll have a better one next time I promise. Love ya!

Kassy- xx

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