Julia's friend DJ over heard her singing and convinces her to audition for x-factor 2014 what happens when she meets her idols? Will she fall in love?
{read to find out}


2. About Me

Hi, my names Julia I was adopted when I was 1 but I still have contact to my birth family I'm 13 years old I'm naturally from mullingar Ireland but moved to a small town in Ontario, Canada called Cornwall. My favorite things to do are singing, dancing, video games, and playing musicale instruments. My favorite sports are soccer, hockey, basketball, swimming, and gymnastics I'm not that good at sports but I still play them I'm really good at swimming I don't play on any team because every time my team loses people on my team always blame me. My best friends are Phoebe, Emma, John-Patrick, Johnny, Cassandra, Kassandra but we call them Phebster, Emmy, J.P, Johnny, KC, and Kassy we all love each other (not in that kinda way you dirty minds, lol 😄) I love my adoptive family and my birth family. I was what my birth and adoptive family describe as "the mistake that was meant to happen" since my mom gave birth to me when she was 10 her and her boyfriend had what I like to call "dot dot dot" but they where 10 and there parents didn't explain to them that it was wrong or what could happen so they technically didn't know better after I was born they knew they couldn't take care of me and their family's where having money problems at the time so they couldn't afford to take care of me so they did what they thought was best for me and they where right I hardly speak to my birth dad because his mom died when he was 5 and his dad still thinks he has control over my dads every move and abuses him I wish I could talk to him more, and me and my birth mom talk all the time but I still wish I could talk to her more because being in to different country's with the time change, work and school it's hard to find time where both of us will be awake and not at school or work, I love my adoptive family they are very supportive and understanding of me but not as much as my friends and birth patents, my best friends are really lovable they user stand everything and of one doesn't understand at least one of them always do. I also have an adoptive sister named Anna that was also adopted but I hate her and she loves me she doesn't notice that I hate her a lot she always has to have her way she always visits her old foster parents and they spoil her to death. A lot of people compare me to Selena Gomez and a lot of people call me "the mix of One Direction@ because I have basically all their personality's rolled up into one 13 year old girl I love souer candy I don't really like sweets that much. People say I changed my personality to match One Direction's personality's after they became famous but really all of my friends and family's know that I've had the same personality since I was little. I have a bad habit of swearing, I eat a lot and I mean a lot, I'm Irish, in half British (my birth great grandma was from London, England), I speak with a Canadian accent because it's where I grew up but right now it's kind of a mx of Irish and Canadian because of how much time I've been talking to my mom, I'm funny (as described by my family's and friends), I got a dirty mind, I'm carefree (unless it's something urgent like my dad), I love my family's, I love singing, I'm a good at singing (my opinion {no one has ever heard me sing or play instruments}). I play drums, keyboard, piano, guitar, and obviously my voice. I love One Direction. I can't sleep without music on, my math skills are honestly terrible. I can't survive a month without my birth mom.

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