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34. Yet Another Bill Cipher Theory (Big Surprise, I Know...)

This chapter is by Prez Cipher, who needs to stop obsessing over Bill Cipher before she starts hallucinating he's watching her. Bill says hi, by the wa-WAITAMINUTE

I have loved Bill Cipher with all my heart since his existence was revealed to me on February First of 2014. (why do you think I changed my username to Prez Cipher rather than Prez NightshadeAppleshine the next day?)

However, there were some things I didn't fully consider until I started roleplaying as him on March 7th, 2014.

What if Bill is seriously pissed at Gideon for calling the deal off? I mean, he's all-knowing, but Gids actually directly told him to "enter the mind of Stanford Pines and steal the code to his safe." Bill could've known the code and could've finished reciting it had he possessed the time to explain, but Gideon was so quick to just yell "DEAL'S OFF" that he couldn't.

And Bill seems like the sort of demon that could hold a grudge for several years. What if he's so ticked at Gideon that it overrides his frustration at being defeated by a child and a toy? He could be so mad that he actually defends the twins and Shack as a form of revenge.

And I speak from experience; there is nothing that anyone can stick with for an extended amount of time before forming an emotional attachment to it.

In fact, he could get so attached to the twins and Stan that he becomes something of a guardian (to the point of being overprotective). I just think it would be adorable, albeit unlikely.

Bill could be the weird uncle nobody talks about omc

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