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37. What We Know

This chapter by Prez Cipher, who is using her powers of observation to good use because obviously stalking Alex Hirsch for three months straight is more important than doing well in school.

So as most of us know... well, as know anyway, Alex has been taunting us shamelessly on Twitter with hints at guest stars (WHICH INCLUDE MARK HAMILL), Mabel's orange juice addiction, the images of Wendy's house and bedroom, and the art of Bill Cipher over the mountains (HE'S ALEX'S FAVORITE AHAHAHAHA).

We also know that the good folks at the Los Angeles Film Festival will be getting a sneak peek of Season 2 this Saturday, June 14th, as well as a Q&A. It should be up on YouTube soon enough so I'm not worried about it.

There are also the two rumors circulating. The first is that the next season should be out by July 29th and the second is that picture of Old Man McGucket with six fingers writing in the Journal.

We know, based on the promo art, that Blendin Blandin will be back and Dippingsauce retrieved the journal. We can assume that the portal will be pretty big and Stan and McG are connected.

My prediction is this; the preview will be awesome and we'll get the release date on Saturday. We know it's getting close because ALEX IS A JERK AND IS TAUNTING US WITH THE SKILL OF MABEL.

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