Gravity Falls Fanbook

Theories, poems, short stories, etc. Please comment your small entries. Larger ones should be emailed to Captain, Prez Cipher. Co-captain, Ahlaam Nightshade. Associate-co-captain, GirlOfManyFandoms.


4. The Reasoning for the Twins Theory


This chapter is by Ahlaam Nightshade.

Coming along from what Prez said about the twins, I have a theory that Bill Cipher entered into Dipper and Mabel's parents' dreams, and then persuaded them to send the twins to Gravity Falls. This is because Dipper and Mabel, being the Great-Niece and -Nephew of Stan (and possibly Stanley), are the only ones who can stop him from gaining the Journals and taking control.

Bill lured the twins into Gravity Falls so that he could kill them. 

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