Gravity Falls Fanbook

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11. Stan's Siblings Theory 3

This chapter was written by Ahlaam Nightshade.

Yet another theory on Stan's siblings... Here goes!

So, we've had many theories on Stan and Stanley. What if Old Man McGucket is Stanley in reality? This is possible, because we know that Stanley could have collected the Journals before. He then could have completely changed his identity, becoming Old Man McGucket, to try and trick Bill. However, Bill could have found out, then scrambled Stanley's brain and made him forget his true identity as a punishment and a way to continue ruling the Journals. Stanley, or Old Man McGucket, could have remembered how to make contraptions and about the creatures of Gravity Falls, though not about Stan and his actual identity.

Stan and Old Man McGucket are seen to have a mixed relationship, with annoyance and likeness. In  The Land Before Swine and Bottomless Pit, Stan has a likeness for him, and McGucket returns that likeness. It could be because of unrealised brotherly affection, or just common etiquette,  but it is possible.

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