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38. Sibling Rivalry

This chapter is be GirlOfManyFandoms, who has been listening to the song "Kill Everyone" by Hollywood Undead for the past few hours on repeat, and is thinking about murder quite obsessively. That is morbid for a fourteen-year-old... Oh, well.


     I have made it rather clear that Stanford Pines is my Spirit Animal. So I should never think ill of him, right?


     Although I personally feel that Stanford will be using the Portal for good(for many reasons), there is still the possibility that he will use it for evil. 

     Here we go. 

     So look. I know I am an only child, but I do experience sibling rivalry. Well, cousin rivalry. My cousin, Johnson (not his real name), is the closest thing I have to a brother. We have the sibling rivalry thing going on. I catch a five pound fish, he catches a six pound fish. He stays up two days without sleeping, I stay up a whole week. 

     And the big thing we do is fight. Physically, not with words. (Probably because he knows that I can craft words into weapons. Stupendous Sentence Swords.) And there have been times where he has ticked me off that I have wanted to knock him out. And I have too. 

     If I was like I am when I joke, saying I'll kill everyone, I might actually want to kill him. 

     And now, I have come to my main point. 

     Sibling rivalry gone too far. 

     Stanley is obviously the better twin, in most eyes. From his room in "Carpet Diem," it is obvious that he is a bookworm and a scientist. He was probably the most loved by the parents. I mean, there's smart Stanley Pines, who has the brains to earn his money... and Stanford Pines, the loser who will forever have to con people to get money - that is, if he stays out of jail...

     Who do you think people liked? 


     And maybe the rivalry went too far. Stanley opened the Portal, and Stanford realized that no one would ever look in his direction again. Stanley definetely had the upper hand. So Stanford tried to get rid of him. Bye-bye, Stanley. 

     But it was an accident.

     They fought. Like Johnson and me. We fight hard. And so did the twins. Stanford accidentally knocked Stanley out. And he panicked, thinking he was dead. He hid the body in the Portal. 

     Years later, it occurred to him that Stanley might be alive and searching for a way back. And if he came back, Stanford would get the blame. Hello, charges of attempted murder. 

     After Columbia, he can't go back to jail. 

     So he begins to get the Journals together, but Two and Three have been stolen and hidden. 

     He's royally screwed. 

     But now? Now he has them all. And he may go through that Portal just to end the feud. To silence Stanley forever...

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