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25. Season Two

This chapter is by GirlOfManyFandoms, who, thanks to Prez, can't get rid of the mental image of a pregnant Bill Cipher.


     As we know, there has been a semi-official announcement for Gravity Falls Season Two. First off, I want to make a closer guess. I think it will probably come out in late-June, early-July. I just believe it's a show that needs to be seen in summer, and the best way to do that is to have the first episode early on in summer.

     This also might be the last season. My friend told me Alex Hirsh said Gravity Falls will either have two seasons and a movie or three seasons without a movie. Either way, this is depressing, and I hope my friend is just being her unreliable self.

     Theory time!

     Obviously, we will still see the Pines family. I think that Dipper will be the same ol' mystery guy, and Mabel will stay the same bubbly character that I wanna hug. We will find out about what happens with Stan Pines, and how he uses the portal (I got a few theories myself on that.). We will discover more about that man-child, Soos.

     I personally believe that he will be back. He who? Introducing the guy you love to hate... GIDEON GLEEFUL! Little ferret... I think he will find a way to weasel himself in. We know he has access to dynamite after all. In "Dreamscapers," that is how he got the deed to the Shack. (This unnerves me. He already had four out of five digits of the code. There is only ten more options for the code to be, yet blowing up a safe and risking the deed, the paper deed, getting on fire seemed to bee a better idea to the nut.) Maybe he can blow up the prison, and I can be happy to see my evil southern counterpart. (SOUTHERNESS! *does weird redneck things*)

     I think the author of the books will be revealed. I think it's probably Old Man McGucket, but we might be surprised. My friend thinks it's Stanley.

     Speaking of him, he will probably be introduced this season.

     I say Robbie will be in the next season. He had that mysterious CD in "Boyz Crazy," and I just find it weird how unexplained it was.

     It is safe to say Bill will be there, and be demonic, seeing as how he is a demon. He will destroy things, leaving chaos in his wake, and be be just as annoying and cryptic as ever, and excuse me for being graphic, but Prez's ovaries will explode due to this. She loves Bill in ways I can't explain, and don't really wanna know...

     (Prez, do NOT delete that bit, or I will slaughter you in your sleep.)

     I guess that is it. Um, I bid you farewell.

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