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14. More Five Finger Characters

This chapter is by GirlOfManyFandoms.


     I am about to list some more five-fingered characters.

     Gideon Gleeful. We all know him. I don't really need to go on and on about him. We all know he's bad news. But when I saw his extra finger, I dropped my tablet. That actually scared me a lot.

     Bud Gleeful is also like this. I guess if genes have to do with anything, Gideon Gleeful had to get the extra from someone. It certainly wasn't his mother, who I should add, is one of the saddest people I have seen in this show, with her terrified nature and the constant muttering of "Just keep vacuuming."

     Mr. Poolcheck has the five digits, which is enough to make me do a double take. He was already creepy enough, but yeesh. That made my skin crawl seeing the extra finger.

     Deputy Durland is also one of these people. I've always credited him for slowly becoming a Mr. Crocker. His ear is slowly crawling to his neck, much a particular Fairy God Parents-obsessed teacher I know.

     Finally, my favorite president. Quentin Trembly, the 8 1/2 president. You don't know this, seeing as how you are only reading, but I am saluting him with patriotic music playing in the background. This is probably the only five-fingered character that doesn't make me want to scream in terror. This makes him so much awesomer. (I know that's not a real word. Just forgive me.) And since I want to add some more, I will add that Quentin was elected in 1837, which is not an election year.

     This brings our grand total to ten characters. One per finger one two five-fingered hands.

     Please refrain from shuddering in fear.

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