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17. More Cryptograms

This chapter is by GirlOfManyFandoms.


     So last chapter, I decoded each episode's cryptogram. Now, for Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained. As we all know, at the end of each short, a what looks like a page from one of the Journals, probably Three, flashes for just a second. When put all together, they look like this.


     It is hard to see the writing, but on both the top and bottom there are red letters and such. On the bottom, there bits of black text.


     We'll start with the black text on the bottom. The one from "The Candy Monster" is "IURP WKH ILUVW XQWLO WKH ODVW VHDUFK WKH" which reads "From the first until the last, search the," when decoded using the Caesar Cipher.

     The one from "Lefty is "WKHP DOO. ZHOFRPH WR JUDYLWB IDOOV." This, once decoded, reads, "them all. Welcome to Gravity Falls."

     In "Tooth," the cryptogram reads "FRGHV RI FUHGLWV SDVW. RQH PHDQV RQH, VR VHDUFK," meaning, "codes of the past. One means one, so search."

     This sounds like a bunch of weird junk that makes little to no sense. That is until they are put in the right order ("The Candy Monster," "Tooth," and "Lefty") it will read, "From the first until the last, search the codes of the past. One means one, so search them all. Welcome to Gravity Falls."

     This still sounds like nonsense, but essentially, it's just instructions on how to solve the rest of the codes, the red ones. It means to look through the decoded cryptograms from the end of each episode. The number in the parentheses, ( ), is the episode to find the cryptogram in. The letters that follow indicate the letter of the decoded cryptogram that belongs there. Brackets, [ ], show the beginning and ends of words.

     In "The Candy Monster," the cryptogram reads, " [13) 8,9,10] [14,17,22 " which reads, "The dar."

     The short "Stan's Tattoo," which I want to add is my favorite, has this cryptogram. " [1)14] [2)5,24 3)3] [5)7,9] " which, once decoded, is read as, "I was so."

     The cryptogram for "Mailbox" is " [6)33,40,46, 9][1,18] [10)32,33][39 " and is decoded as, "blind. He l." (I should quickly add that this is a lowercase L, not an uppercase i.)

     In "Lefty," our cryptogram is " [17)6,12, 20)3,4] " which only reads "near."

     For "Tooth," it is " 14)21,30,32 15)13,20][22 16)20 " and it is decoded as "kness is."

     Finally, "The Hide Behind" has the cryptogram of " 11)4,12,13] [12)8,9][17,13] " which is "ied to me."

     This is nothing but random letters with a few words that make sense, until put in the correct order ("Stan's Tattoo," "Mailbox," "The Hide Behind," "The Candy Monster," "Tooth," and "Lefty"), it should read, "I was so blind. He lied to me. The darkness is near."

     Dramatic! And of course we all know that our dear Bill Cipher is the "he" in question. Sooo..... Um. Ugh! I hate ending these things. I'll just yell something random and leave...


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