Gravity Falls Fanbook

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33. Made of Money

This chapter is by GirlOfManyFandoms, who is surprised that she just wrote a short chapter. That rarely happens with her.


     I can't me the only one who has heard of this here...

     MOM: "What do you think I am? Made of money?"

     CHILD: "Ain't that what MOM stands for?"

     And I got to thinking, what if people could be made of money?

     And by people, I mean Stanford.

     Alrighty, so in "Dipper Vs. Manliness," while everyone is is Greasy's Diner, Stanford makes a comment that peaked my interest:

     "What am I? Made of Money?" Then a dollar popped out his sleeve. So the theory is that he is indeed made money. 

     Like, literally.

     That would explain why he is so frugal and willing to rip people off.

     The more money, the longer he lives...


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