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43. *Insert Witty Chapter Name Here*

This chapter is by GirlOfManyFandoms.

This theory was sent to me by Raiarna Moonlight, via email (

Grammar and spelling errors have been corrected, but from what I understood of the theory, it has not been changed in any way other than to make it easier to understand.


     "Stan is the author. He's still erased his memories, but there was an error and his memory changed. He couldn't remember who he was, but he saw himself in the Journals. He wants to unlock the secret of the Journals to find out who he was, but he feels if the twins find out who he is they'll put themselves in danger. Stan is also the leader of the Gravity Falls Secret Society. 

     "Stanley is still alive though he's lost all memory of his brother, however that happened. After he had a son who did remember his uncle. This was spelt after the twins were born, so Stanley was an old man. He got this disease I can't spell (or so the doctors say), so everyone thought his memory might return naturally. Of course it was magic so it didn't, Stanford need to restore his own and his sibling's memories and find his true past. The Mystery Shack was very important. That was where he lost his memory, and where he realized he was the Author. He wants to keep the twins safe, but he has discovered secrets about himself and Stanley that could put them at great risk."


     Okay, dear, you had me, lost me, and had me again. 

     It would certainly be interesting if he was the author, but Sanford isn't that high on my list of possibilities. I mean, he is on the list, but he isn't high. The memory bit makes sense. I mean, if the Society of the Blindeye didn't do it, I'm certain Bill would find away. As for his memory changing, I wouldn't be surprised at all. 

     Okay you kinda lost me at the bit about "This was spelt after the twins were born." Not sure what that means... i believe the disease you're referring to is Alzheimer's, perhaps?

     Either way, I like this one.



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