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26. Gideon Gleeful Got a Weave!

This chapter is by GirlOfManyFandoms.


     So, that title is probably the only reason you are reading this. Um, I was going to name it "Gideon Gleeful Wears a Wig!" but somehow, I began to think of a weave. I am just odd.

     First, I should clarify that Gideon does not have a weave. A weave is a from of hair extensions that are typically worn by black girls (not trying to be racist), and unless I am very confused, Gideon isn't black or female.

     However, Gideon does have a wig, and I shall show the proof later, so I won't sound like a stupid idiot who jumps to conclusions, which I do a lot...
     Prepare tissues, because if you have experience with the illness I am about to mention, your heart will melt for poor Gideon. You will want to cry for him. Then you'll laugh when you find out what I believe his type of illness is based on a little detail I found, then you'll cry when you figure out his motives behind getting the Journals. Then you'll be "Eh." when you find out what I am basing all this on.
     Gideon is a Cancer survivor. That is right. Cancer. (Crying yet? No? Just wait.) Now, if you have had any form of Cancer, or if you know someone who has, then you understand the struggle he is going through. Perhaps, his battle with Cancer is the reason why Mrs. Gleeful is bonkers. Maybe she loved him like crazy, and the idea of him possibly dying drove her to insanity.
     At this point, you may be wondering what kind of Cancer I think he has. Well, we all remember "The Deep End." And despite my belief that merpeople are real, I tend to only be able to recall Gideon walking around in just his swim trunks. Why? Because Gideon Charles Gleeful has moobs. MOOBS! His breasts are bigger than mine! So I can only assume some form of Breast Cancer. If the article I read when I was, like, six was true, men can get Breast Cancer too. And when a nine-year-old boy needs a bra more than a fourteen-year-old girl, there is a problem. I think he got it because his bust is the size of Mount Everest, and so... Yeah. 
   His motive on the Journals is simple. He wants to use the Portal to get his queen. No girl wants him, because he is bald (side effect of chemo or however it is spelled), so he wants Mabel to be his queen. Maybe there is some dance in the grand town of Gravity Falls that raises awareness for Cancer. He was asked to be the Cancer King (like a prom king). My friend survived Leukemia. The city of Brandon held a dance for her. She was named Cancer Queen. Perhaps, Gideon doesn't want to be all alone when he accepts his award.
     Now, what is all this based on?
     Just a little thing I noticed in the end of "Gideon Rises."


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