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13. Five Fingers

This chapter is by GirlOfManyFandoms, who asks you to prepare for a long chapter..


     This theory is a bit far-fetched, but then again, Bill Cipher creating Smile Dip just to screw with people's minds is a bit farfetched too. It also has many theories that are with it. A theory pizza. Many toppings (theories) covered by cheese (the Five Finger theory).

     So we all know that in Gravity Falls, most characters have four fingers, like Dipper and Mabel Pines, and this is the norm with a lot of cartoons, like The Fairly Odd Parents. (Quick Fun Fact: My Autocorrect just changed "odd" to "Ood," thanks to my overuse of Doctor Who references.)

     And one of the first things people tend to notice about the Journals is simply the six fingers on the cover. The other thing is that the Journals are extremely mysterious, and possibly untrustworthy.



     Six fingers is one more than the average human hand, just like in Gravity Falls, five fingers is one more than the average "Gravity Fallian" hand. However, some people have all five. Does this mean something?

     I think so.

     We all know to trust no one, as the author of the Journals mentioned, but are there some people that really can't be trusted?

     As far as I have seen, there are only five five-fingered-characters: Stan, Grenda, Soos, Blendin Blandin, and Old Man McGucket. There are probably more.

     Stan, as we know, is pretty sketchy. He has the sibling that is not flat-out mentioned, but obviously there, seeing as how he is the Pines Twins' great uncle. He has the car (that is not his and I will explain in another chapter), named El Diablo, which is Spanish for "The Devil." There is the whole tattoo business that was so important, it was a topic for an episode of Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained, where it remained, you guessed it, unexplained. There is the secret society, The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel.(If you need proof of the society, there is a cryptogram in the Rumble's Revenge game. "There is a secret society in Gravity Falls.") There is the stuff in his secret room...



     ...and the fact that the code on the maze page of Journal Three translates to "THE PORTAL WHEN COMPLETED WILL OPEN A GATEWAY TO INFINITE NEW WORLDS AND HERALD A NEW ERA IN MANKIND’S UNDERSTANDING OF THE UNIVERSE. PLUS, IT WILL PROBABLY GET GIRLS TO START TALKING TO ME FINALLY." Now whether or not Stan'll use this great power for good or evil, I do not know.

     Although I could write about Stanford Pines for several hours, we have other things to cover. Such as Grenda. I can't say much about her, except how mysteriously masculine her voice is. (Then again, she is voiced by a dude.) However, I can say that Grenda probably knows wrestling, seeing as how she told Mabel (about Pacifica Northwest) that she wants to "put her in headlock and make her feel pain." Perhaps she can punch someone out or something. I don't know.

     Moving on, because Grenda just isn't that mysterious, Soos, our beaver-toothed man-child who has worked for Stan since he was twelve. At first, he seemed to only be only an extra comic relief, like Olaf in Frozen. Then, as I was playing Rumble's Revenge to get cryptograms (Unlike my friends, I don't just look up videos, theories, and clues online. I research myself.), I saw the one that changed my mind about him. It translated to "The handyman knows more than you think." It makes me feel like Bill went through my head and knew what I was thinking about him, which is creepy, because he is my brother-in-law and needs to spend less time in my head and more time with Prez. I am getting off track. Anyway, I decoded it and my mouth hit the floor. Literally. I was laying on the carpet when it happened.

     Blendin Blandin is one of the awesome characters for one reason. Doctor Who. He is a time traveler who uses a watch to do so (like Captain Jack Harkness's Time Vortex Manipulator). He steals a screwdriver to fix it (like the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver). However awesome this is, I cannot go over the fact he threatened to make sure Dipper and Mabel's parents never met. Obviously, he hasn't done so, seeing as how they are still here. Then again, doing so would create a paradox.

     In case you want to know, this paradox would be as follows: If their parents never meet, they wouldn't have been born. If they hadn't been born, they would have never screwed with time. If they hadn't screwed with time, Blendin wouldn't have gotten in trouble. If he hadn't gotten in trouble, he wouldn't have vowed revenge. If he didn't vow revenge, he didn't keep the parents from meeting. If the parents meet, Dipper and Mabel are born. If they are born, they screw with time. If they screw with time, Blendin gets in trouble. If he gets in trouble, he vows revenge. If he vows revenge, he makes sure the parents don't meet. If they don't meet, the tins are not born. If they aren't born...

     Point is very paradoxical and very Doctor Who.

     And finally, Old Man McGucket. I kinda feel sorry for him. The lake ranger is his son, and he completely ignores the poor guy. That is off topic. There is that theory that I have read many times (and that Prez wrote) that Old Man McGucket wrote the Journals. I now have some evidence for that. I recently replayed PinesQuest and found a cryptogram I hadn't seen before. Decoded, it says, "OLDMANMCGKNOWS."

     All of this is the Five Fingers theory I thought of last night while eating Nutella. (It gives me special thinking powers. I am usually stupid brain.) It shows that those who  have five fingers may need to be watched a bit more carefully. And now that I have typed it all out, I don't think it is as far-fetched.

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