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35. Depressing Mabel Stuffs

This chapter by Prez Cipher WHO REALLY REALLY WANTS TO GIVE MABEL HUGS and apologizes for the short as heck chapter.

This is a theory by my Pinecest-shipping friend Bella.

Basically she thinks Mabel wears sweaters to hide that she's cutting herself or has cut herself in the past. I told her my theory about how everything Mabes does is crying out for attention and her self-esteem issues and well we came up with this;

Mabel has been struggling with self-esteem issues for about a year and she started cutting herself about the September of the previous school year. She promised Dipper she would never do it again, which is why Dippingsauce is a tad bit overprotective.

If you want some more depressed Mabel shizzle I have a coupla oneshots on under the names "Came Close" and "What Happened."

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