Gravity Falls Fanbook

Theories, poems, short stories, etc. Please comment your small entries. Larger ones should be emailed to Captain, Prez Cipher. Co-captain, Ahlaam Nightshade. Associate-co-captain, GirlOfManyFandoms.


24. A Few Gideon Theories

This chapter by Prez Cipher.

Theory One: Gideon is old

Lil' Gideon's hair is white, and he is far smarter than a nine-year-old should be. He talks down on the Pines twins like he's older than them, but why would he do that if he's three years younger than him? His vocabulary is extensive and his hair is soft - OLD LADY SOFT, anyone?

Theory Two: Gideon was shocked into having white hair


Theory Three: Gideon is a Living Ventriloquist Dummy, or at Least Made of Wood

Bill calls him a "living ventriloquist dummy" and the termites seemed intent on attacking him in Little Dipper... 

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