As I Die

As her cheek hit the cold wet leafs the continuous gun fire ceased. All those years, all those battles that could only be thought but never won. The war against her mind was one that couldn't be won.


1. These four walls

Author note: First i would like to say thank you for reading. I'm sorry about spelling, grammar and punctuation but I do have a problem which makes this hard for me which I've done my best to get over. Just thought I'd mention it as I know something will be wrong with this.


Who knew the pain and fear that would be unleashed by a single life being lost.
They weren't to know the mental and physical trauma she'd gone through to save them. She'd spent all those years trying to save them and they never even knew she was there.
They didn't even have know she existed but she was always there. She was the movement in the shadows, the sound of footsteps behind you when your walking and she's the sense of security you have when your alone.

Well she was...

When she was a child she was taken from her home and was brought up in the world of pain and death. She was trained to fight, to survive, she saved other people from death at her senior officers hands but at a cost. She was losing her mind, fighting with herself...they'd done this to her them! Would she ever escape the hell that was her life?


She awoke from a nightmare; her heart beating fast and her body aching. She was in total darkness as she put her hand out and it touched the cold stone wall of her cell. Why was she in here again? She shut her eyes trying to fight of the migraine that was threatening to emerge. 'Oh yeah...' She thought 'that was it.'

The events of the previous day were ones she'd like to forget...X and Y her 'senior officers' in this higher status army had taken her into what they thought was a war, Faith only saw it as a massacre of innocent people. How could it be war? They couldn't fight back. She stopped them from killing a child no older than seven, for a moment she was certain they would kill her instead, not that she cared but she couldn't let them kill a child.

X and Y had ordered a retreat then when they marched Faith back to the car, she was blindfolded like she had been on the way out so she didn't know where she was being kept, then they took her back to the base.

Her punishment for disobeying orders was that she'd been thrown into a cell with a door that could only be opened from the outside. There was no window or light and but she'd been given a box of matches and was told to make them last.

Field Marshals X and Y were evil, she didn't even know there real names, in the eighteen years she'd been kept she was always told to call them X and Y...not knowing drove her mad!

Many things did. Being closed in a room that was about 7ft by 7ft in the dark was enough to drive anyone to breaking point but Faith had it worse. She'd learned that the cells were part of a real prison, for the most dangerous killers. They'd been there longer than eighteen years, she could hear their screams in the night, their manic laughs and their cries for help.

Suddenly she heard the sound of gun fire. She jumped to her feet and backed into the other corner of her cell. Her hands over her ears to block out the sound. She heard screams...louder than the killers...more painful. 

She felt pain running through her veins, something burning behind her eyes.

"Stop!" She screamed trying to claw at the wall but merely scratching it before falling to the ground. Her hands over her ears again, but she could still hear them...the last cries of the long dead.

Her cell door opened but she didn't move from the floor.

"On your feet!" Someone shouted but she felt paralyzed "On your feet!" The person looked at her.

"Private Mason! Get lieutenant Summers on her feet!" Another man appeared in the door way. The sound of army boots echoed throughout the cell.

He bent down and put his hand to Faith's face.

"She's had a panic attack, general sir." The man said "Shall we get a doctor?"

"No! Field Marshal X wants to ask her a few questions..."

"She won't be able to move, general sir!" The other officer tried to reason.

"Carry her then!" The general shouted "Don't you dare try and cut me off again!"

"Sorry General Sir," the officer apologized before picking Faith up off the floor and taking her to a room along the corridor.


She opened her eyes, she was sat in a chair at a table in a room with only another chair opposite and a bright lamp shining her eye. 'Such a cliche.' She thought before realising she was hand cuffed.

"Miss Summers..." A familiar voice started.

"X..." She'd replied swallowing, hiding her fear.

"Back with us?"

"Just get on with it X I know you didn't drag me in here for a chat..." She sigh.

"Do you know this man Miss Summers?" He asked sliding a photo along the table to her. She caught it with her free hand and inspected it.

"No..." She shook her head "why? What's he done?" 

 "He's made a request to speak to a Miss Faith Summers." X told her, his voice sounded angry even when he spoke quietly.

"That's not possible..." She frowned "I don't exist on any government computer, how has he found any record of me?"

"I was hoping you could tell me." His posture had gone from relaxed to sitting up straight. She saw him pull his gun from its holster. He walked around to her side of the table and placed the barrel to her head. 

"Now think carefully, are you sure you've never seen him.."

She tilted her head slightly "I swear I have never met this man." She said truthfully before looking at her hand cuffed to the table. The cuffs were basic ones for once...she remembered she had a bobby pin in her hair.

X walked away from her, he was thinking what to say next and within a second Faith had the hair clip out and prayed to god he wasn't about to turn around.

"Do you remember your purpose here Miss Summers?" He asked not looking at her.

"You said I was part of a greater plot...something that would change the world." She replied working on her cuffs, she knew the moment they were off she would have to floor him, which wouldn't be hard as she was a trained assassin.

"Did you never wondered what a one year old girl could have to do with such a plot?"

"Of cause...but I doubted you'd ever tell me..." She said...she was almost there.

"There is a plot too..." Be be we finished his sentence as she karate chopped him to floor.

She grabbed his gun and ran out the room locking the door behind her.

"SUMMERS!" He shouted banging on the door.

She kept running, this was her chance. She has spent about five years looking over the plans to the building, something they didn't know she had.

They thought that the only thing she knew was the four walls of her cell. How they underestimated her.

There was a guard on the door she walked slowly so not to catch his attention but he'd seen her.

" lieutenant Summers?" He questioned calmly.

"Mason..." She said sheepishly walking over to him.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm getting out." She simply told him. Faith liked Mason, he wasn't like the others, he wasn't evil.

"Good luck Faith I mean erm Ma'am." He smiled opening the door for her. "I'll tell them you went another way."

"Thanks Mason." She said gratefully before walking out the door. She had no idea where she was going, had no idea if she was even capable of getting on with her life, little hard when to the rest if the world she didn't even exist.  

But she didn't care, she was free...and that's all that mattered.

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