As I Die

As her cheek hit the cold wet leafs the continuous gun fire ceased. All those years, all those battles that could only be thought but never won. The war against her mind was one that couldn't be won.


5. Flashbacks

Faith clenched her left hand. There was a numb pain running through it as she traced her scar on the right side of her face.

She looked in the mirror, she hated the girl looking back at her. She would never rid herself of the dark shadows that smothered her in evil.

She left the bathroom that Dylan had showed her too and found herself back in the police station corridor...

What now?

Dylan wanted her to explain to his Chief what had happened over the part eighteen years...some of it she remembered, some of it she chose not to.

She remembered risking her own life in the Sahara desert to save North African intelligence from getting slaughtered.
She remembered how Private Mason had told her not to do it but she had told him to trust her and he had.
Nick Mason had been a good friend to Faith whilst she had been Lt. Summers, maybe she could save him?

Her mind flashed back, running through everything she could remember as she began walking down the corridor to where the Detective Chief Inspector's office was.

She put her had on the door, 'right...' She said in her mind 'it's the moments of truth...'

Walking through the door her mind went back to the time when she'd been fighting someone on top of a cliff and they tried to throw her off the edge but she held to the crumbling rock for dear life.
She'd thought no one was coming for her but then Y and Mason showed up pulling her back to some form of safety.

She still had scars from that had been three years ago.

"Lieutenant Summers..." The Detective started "lets start from the beginning."

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