As I Die

As her cheek hit the cold wet leafs the continuous gun fire ceased. All those years, all those battles that could only be thought but never won. The war against her mind was one that couldn't be won.


6. Find her

X sat in his office, Faith had actually dislocated his shoulder.

"You alright?" Y asked entering the room.

"Do I bloody look alright?" He exclaimed standing up and shoving his desk so hard it fell over.

"your shoulder'll be fine." Y told him sitting in a chair.

"I don't care about my shoulder!" He shouted "I just want her found!"

"Look she escaped, she'll try and do it again. All this was fine when she actually obeyed orders but as she's grown up she's listened to us less and less, we picked a child with a conscience Carlos, maybe we should just let her go." Y said, using X's real name for the first time in a long while.

"You're thick sometimes you know that Damien! How can we let her go? She knows enough to bring us down, the first things she going to do is tell the authorities." He carried on shouting.

"Why would she do that?" Damien questioned, he'd always been the less intelligent of the two, he never really got what his partner wanted to do but he was his friend so he went along with it.

"We've kept her like a prisoner for eighteen years, I doubt she's going to be out there telling parents to send their kids to 'X and Y summer camp' do you?" He kicked over the nearest cabinet. "So please, if you have two brain cells to rub together FIND HER!"

Damien nodded and went to go and find a general and have him send a platoon of cadets out to find Lt.Faith Summers.



"So they kept you locked up for eighteen years?" DCI David Stimson questioned as Faith sat opposite him.

"Yes sir." She nodded "and it all makes sense now, X has always had this obsession with war fare and I know I just know that all this fighting has been in perpetration of a world war! If we don't stop them then millions will die."

"And your sure of this?

"Of cause Sir, I was their lieutenant, I may have been an experiment, a secret ingredient but they still trusted with all kinds of information. Thats why we have to be careful because there's no doubt they'll be looking for me." She explained.

Stimson nodded; Dylan had been right to follow the lead on the 'Mysterious saviour' case.

"The thing is Sir, this is not your fight, it is mine, the army will be with me of cause but I don't want you and Dylan to be involved anymore than you should be..."

He sighed, this girl had been through so much, he looked at the scar on her face, was that from them or had she 'walked into a door'? She had spent years trying to save people so it was no surprise she'd want to keep the only people that had been kind to her for a long time off the front line.

"Faith, feel free to tell me to shut up but given your state, I don't think your ready to fight them..."

She understood what he meant. She was losing her mind but the longer she knew that X and Y were still at large the worse it would get. She did nothing in response but just blinked to show she'd taken in what he'd said.

"Maybe you should consider seeing a psychologist?" He suggested.

"Sir, I appreciate you showing concern and you trying to be kind but until I know that the people of this world are safe I shall not worry about my mental health." She told him and he nodded.

"I will contact the people we need then, trust me faith, this war will not go global and they will pay for what they've done to you and thousands of other people."

Faith was about to salute but remembered that she no longer speaking to a field marshal so kept her hands clasped together.

She got up from the black spongy 'doctors' chair and left the office and went back out into the corridor where Dylan was waiting for her.

"Well?" He asked.

"If they want war the only one they're gonna get is one against me. This whole thing ends...tonight."


It was an hour later when Stimson entered the break room where Dylan ad Faith were.

"The army have decided, they will fight X and Y under your command Lt. Summers." He told them.

Faith got to her feet when suddenly there was a smash of glass as a window shattered.

Dylan swore diving forward pulling Faith to the floor.

"What the hell was that?!" Stimson shouted.

"That was a sniper! A bloody sniper! Someone was trying to kill you, Faith!" Dylan exclaimed.

"Of cause they did, I'm a traitor to my army base, they want me up against a firing wall or back in my cell where I can't depose them." Faith gasped catching her breath back sitting up.  

"And now they've found me."

"Didn't take them long..." Dylan sighed, they had to beat these people, he may have only just met Faith but she didn't deserve the life she had.

"They have the best cadets in the world they were bound to find me sooner than I'd like." She replied.

She went to the broken window and Stimson and Dylan went with her. She looked down at the street below and saw three soldiers, one had a sniper.

"Tell X and Y..." She shouted down at them. "If the want a war they can fight me, I will protect this world with my life, I will not let them destroy it!"

She knew what was to come, X and Y would send her a location and then...the fight would begin.

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