As I Die

As her cheek hit the cold wet leafs the continuous gun fire ceased. All those years, all those battles that could only be thought but never won. The war against her mind was one that couldn't be won.


4. Don't jump...

Once she'd said that it was as if her lungs were closing. She couldn't breathe. She got up and ran.

"Summers!" Dylan called after her but she ignored him. There was a demon voice in her head saying 'He can't save can he save you?'

She needed to breathe. She found the stairs that led to the roof and almost flew up them. She ran to the safety barrier and looked out on the city. She'd stood by while X and Y tried to destroy it and the guilt drove her mad. She smashed her down onto the the metal barrier as the voice whispered more and more tainting thoughts. Dark thoughts. Images of blood and fire.

"Stop it! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! STOP IT!" She screamed her eyes seeing nothing but black. Blood trickling down her forehead. It stopped dead...the images went but somewhere at the back of her mind the voices had turned to whispers still saying dark thoughts that wouldn't leave. She brought her head down on the barrier again but then Dylan grabbed her and pulled her back.

"Stop it! Leave it!" He shouted making her listen. "Don't do this to yourself!"

"I can't do this!" She cried tears streaming down her face.

He put his hand to her face making her look at him.

"Faith...I can help you..." He whispered his other hand on her shoulder, comforting her in a professional way.

"I can't stop them screaming..." She gasped her head in her hands.

"Faith...I know this is gonna be hard for can go ahead and throw yourself off this building. You can run out of this station and never come back but you escaped and this was the first place you know that you want to get past this and you will. And we can if you want being these guys down for what they've done!"

She finally made eye contact with him "thank you."

"It's will you be able to tell my Detective Chief inspector what happened so we can make the first steps into stopping them?"

She nodded "this won't be easy though, Anderson. They have an entire Army thats what they are. I was made to be part of it all meaning i know some of what happens there but trust me...these people will stop at nothing to get what they want and they will not think twice about killing you." She told him rubbing her forehead. "But i have a funny feeling they're gonna come and find me...they need me for that plot, they've spent eighteen years trying to turn me into the secret weapon so whatever happens...they will come."

"Then we'll be ready..." He smiled. "Don't worry Faith...I'm not gonna let them hurt you know."

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