Hogwarts Express

Harry, Hermione, Ron and their friends hop on into a train for Hogwarts, but all of a suddenn, the train stops and they find out that it's now under control of Voldemort.


1. Unexpected Suprise

Harry, Hermione and Ron are old friends. It's their second year at Hogwarts and they're happy to be back together. They agreed over the phone to meet in front of platform 9 and 3/4. Harry and Ron were hugging for 5 minutes, but when it was Ron and Hermione's turn to say hello, it was really awkward. Harry thought that something was going on between them, but he didn't say anything. Ron's mother made them sweaters, with the first letter of their name on it, and, she made them try them in front of her. Through the platform, Hermione went first, Ron second and Harry third. When they finally saw Hogwarts Express, the three of them smiled and felt a relief. They were happy to get back on that train, thinking they'll be in their common rooms in Hogwarts very soon. They ran into the train, found a free room to leave their bags in, sat down and started talking about new subjects, new teachers, new spells and more Quiditch games. The train was starting to leave the station and they just sat in silence for couple of minutes, listening to the train sounds, breathing slowly. They heard that the lady who was selling candies was coming closer, so they got all their money on their seats, put it together and waited for the lady so they could buy chocolate frogs and beans with every possible flavour. They were enjoying them, but they were starting to feel like the train was stopping. "We can't be at Hogwarts yet", everyone in the train was whispering. They got out of their 'rooms', looked around and saw Albus Dumbledor, the Hogwarts headmaster coming closer to them. Everyone had around 100 questions, but everyone was also too scared to ask any. Standing there in silence, they were waiting for Dumbledore to say something, a long explanation, but all they heard was: "This train is now under control of Lord Voldemort".

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