In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


7. Whats wrong with him?!

Chapter 7

Alex POV.

I talked to Calum all night. About my life and that of his. Of course I have to say something else than that I'm kidnapped by the boys. But the rest I told him everything. You know that when you're talking to someone and you feel that you can tell him everything even though you've only known him a day? I have that with Calum.

Calum POV.

I've been up all night with texting Alex. I feel that I can tell her everything even though I know her for only one day.
Oohh are you taling
 with your girlfriend?! Michael screams from the other side of the bank.
She's not my girlfriend, I say.
No but you would like her to be, Luke says with a smile. I have nothing to say about that, I think in my head.
Oh don't be ashamed Calum I think your right, says Asthon. She is quite hot.
Yes she is, say the other 2 at the same time. 
Yeah but what dus it matter what I think about her.
A lot, Luke says.
No nothing, she is
probably with Louis I mean why else would he ask her attention?
And why else would she be here with them? I ask myself and the others. 
they look at me with pity in there eyes. But i don't know why. i mean i could fancy her but why would i if i know that she is with someone else.

Alex POV.

It's pretty fun that I'm on tour. The tour's been 2 weeks now and it's usually fun. The hotels are gigantic and the food is great. Niall Zayn and Liam are really nice. And Niall has given me so much good food that I can almost eat as much as he can. I usually share a room with Zayn or Niall. If I sleep with Niall, Liam and Zayn are in one room together. And if I sleep in one room with Zayn, Niall and Liam are together in one room. I slept two times with Liam in one room but that did not go well. I made too much junk and Liam was always angry. The rest of the guys were done with our bickering and decided that Liam and I were not allowed to sleep in one room together. I also slept one time with Harry in one room but that was even worse than with Liam. He continued to keep me awake all night by asking if he could come and lie with me in my bed. Of course I said no because I know that when I had said yes, Harry couldn't keep his hand of me so that was not an option. i have not slept with Louis in one room. Because Zayn knows what Louis has done to me so he helpt me to get not with him on one room. I have not really get the chance to chill with Calum. Louis would take care of that.

but tonight I'm going to talk to Louis to ask if he wants to take away and that I'm not him. I hope it goes well.

That night.

The boys were done with the concert but they aren't even tired!? So thats good. Now i can talk to Louis without him being asleep like he did yesterday. 
Louis,can i talk to you? i ask him.
Yeah of course, he sais. Whe walk to a place were nobody else is so whe can talk in peace.
so... what is it where you wanna talk about? he ask. 

I want to talk about that I'm not your property. And you have to stop to keep me away from Calum... and the others of course. He was silent for a moment but then I see the angry look in his eye. BAM, there was a slap in my face. 
Why did you do that for? I ask shocked. 
You are ungrateful again. You're mine, because without me you had not even met the others. 
That's true Louis but I'm still not your property. 
Yes you ARE, he says louder. 
No I'm not, I say. I'm not your property, and I never will be even if we would be together, I yell at him. 
BUT WE ARE GOING TO BE TOGETHER. ITS GONNA HAPPEND BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE, he yells. Just before Louis wants to give me another slap Zayn and Liam run op to him to stop him. 

Louis stay away from her, Zayn screams.. 
Go away Zayn, stay out of, Louis Yells. Louis pulls away from Liam's arms that held him and starts yelling to me. 
Don't you get? I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU, he yells. 
But... but Louis I'm not in love with you, I say very quiet. I see the tears in eyes Louis. 
That will come later, I promise you that i gonna make you fall in love with me, he says. He looks at me for one more time and then walks towards the bus that will take us to the hotel.

I look Zayn and Liam and we walk towards the bus. Meanwhile, Niall comes walk with us. 
I'm bored. Is there anything going on with you? Something interesting? he asks. Zayn, Liam and i look at eachother.
No there is nothing going on with us, Zayn says. 

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