In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


17. Were is he?

Chapter 15

Alex POV.
I'm so happy that i'm with Calum. And Louis can't talk to me anymore because al the other 8 boys are protecting me. He tries to say sorry but when he comes to close one of the boys gets him away from me. I'm so happy that i have them. The boys have their last concert now and than they are having a break for 2 weeks. And i'm going with Calum to Australia for one week and after that he is coming with me to New York. I haven't talked to my parents yet because i want to surprise them. And i can't wait!

I'm waiting backstage and i'm listening to the boys. They are playing she looks so perfect. I love to listen to them because you know that when they don't sing they are playing the music and you know that the whole song is there work. They are almost done, but i don't see one of the 1D boys. I decide to walk around, but I feel someone's arms around my waist and then I'm pulled to the side. I see Louis and i don't know what to do. I was going to walk away but than i felt Louis arms around my waist.
Louis get your hans of of me and go away, i said.
Why should i? he ask smirking. All i could think about was what he did to me and that i wanted to yell but i can't get a word out of my mouth. Than Louis hand came of my waist and he started to feel my breasts and then i finally could get some words out of my mouth.

Two minutes later i saw Liam and Niall take Louis away and than Zayn came to me and gave me a hug.
I'm so sorry Alex, we thought that he was with us but when we heard you yell we knew he was with you, he said.
It-its not your fault, i said sobbing. I could hear that Calum and the boys where done and when they came back stage Liam run up to them and told them what happend. He pointed at me and zayn and Calum came straight to me.
O my god Alex are you okay? i'm so sorry, he said hugging me.
Why are you apologizing, you couldn't know he would come to me, i said holding him tight so i knew for sure that i was safe.
Alex i have to go but we see you later and we will beat Louis up after the concert, Zayn said. I laughed at him and than i gave him a hug because we leave right now and we wouldn't see each other untill 2 weeks.
Bye Zayn, see you in 2 weeks, i said.
Bye Alex, stay strong, he said. He walked on stage and we walked to the bus that was outside. The boys al go back to Australia so it would be fun in the plane. When we were in the plane i sat next to Calum and Michael. I laid my head on Calum shoulder and sleep came over me.

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