In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


9. stay away from her!

chapter 9

Louis POV.

I saw Calum and Alex talk and I saw how Alex looked at Calum. thats the way i wanted her to look at me, she can't look at Calum like that. And I'm gonna make it clear to her tonight.

Calum POV.
I just can not believe it. I ask Alex on a date. And she said yes! I'm so happy now. I walk backstage and I'm looking for the boys. But that was not so smart because as soon as they saw me, they started bullying. Our little Calum has a date with the lovely Alex, I'm jealous, Michael says. Yeah, me too, Luke says. But you know that Louis would not be so happy with this, Asthon said. Why not? I ask. Alex said they are just friends. Yes she might be friends with him but I see at him that he wants more, says Luke. But she said she has through a lot with Louis and that he just wants to protect her, I say, When Alex says that I believe her, well I mean why would she lie, Michael says. Yeah, me too, I say doubtfully.

Alex POV.
Calum Hood has just asked out me! I'm so happy now! I walk back to the bus. I come in and I see the boys watching a movie. I walk to my "bed" and I sit down. I grab my phone and check twitter and instagram. After I'm done with that, I look on whatsapp if Calum has said something. Nothing. Then I will start talking. Hey Calum I really look forward to our date, I click send and wait for response from Calum. I wait 10 minutes and 10 minutes, and another 10 minutes but still nothing. Why isn't he responding? I'll go to him as soon as we get to the hotel. 

We arrive at the hotel and I see the 5sos bus behind us. We aren't going out yet because we have to decide who is going to stay with who in a room. Zayn asked who wants in the room with me and i can't say with who i want, because Louis comes between. I want to share a room with Alex, he says with a big smile. Before me or Zayn can say something, Paul was writing down that Louis will sleep in a room with me for the next two nights. What the hell can I do now!?



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