In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


14. Should i tell him?

Chapter 13:

Alex POV.
i woke up and i could feel Calums arms around my waist. I like to wake u next to him. But why are we in our normal clothes? Than i rememberd yesterday, truth or dare, me lying to Calum. I don't like it to lie to him but if i tell him it would be bad. I don't know what to do. I looked at Calm who was sleeping peaceful. I tried to get out of his arms without wake him up, but just like yesterday he hold me even tighter.
You know that i don't gonna let you go, he said with his morning voice. I started to giggle again.
How are you doing babe? he ask.
Its okay, i said.
Good, he said giving me a kiss on my cheek.
Could you be quiet its like 6 in the morning, Luke said also with a morning voice. Since my and Calums bunk bed was above that of lukes, I decided to scare him and looking down.
WTF ALEX, he said looking very scared. 
I just want to tell you that its like 1 o'clock in the afternoon and that you are a butthole, i said looking at Luke with a smirk on my face. I could see at his face that he was trying to think about something to say but he couldn't so he just smiled and gave me the middle finger. And when i saw the face he had i started to laugh. 
Luke o my god your face hahaha, i said.
Whats wrong with my face? he said.
Everything, i said with a smile.
Ha ha Alex, he said. I could hear the other 2 boys chuckle and i could see Luke thinking again.
Luke don't think to hard it would mess up your brains, I said.
Okay now its done, he said.  
He came out of his bed pulled me out mine and started to tickle me.
Luke stop please, i said laughing my ass off.
first you have to say: I am sorry Luke, you are amazing and i think you are way better than me, he said with a smirk.
NEVER, i yelled.
Okay than, Luke said and he started to tickle me even more.
Calum help, i yelled. I saw Calum came out of our bunk but instead of helping me to get Luke of of me he started to tickle me to. Soon al the 5sos boys were tickling me and i couldn't take it anymore.
okay okay, 
I am sorry Luke, you are amazing and i think you are way better than me, i said still laughing. They stopped tickling me and i could finally breathe. I stood up and gave Luke the middle finger.
ALEX, Asthon yelled. 
ASTHON, i yelled back. They started to laugh. 
So what do you guys like to do now? i ask. 
I don't know, all i could think about right now is food, Michael said.
Yeah me to, i said.
Well than we are going to make some food, Luke said.

*2 hours later*

Alex go to the 1D bus and stay there, Paul said. We had a foodfight and Paul thinks that its better that i don't stay with them in the bus because he thinks that i have a bad influence on them. bullshit of course but i don't want to fight Paul so i just gave Calum a kiss and walked out with my bag to the 1D bus. when i came in the boys were watching a movie so i dicided to pick a bunk and go on my phone. I started to text Calum because i was pretty bored.

C= Calum, 
A= Alex.

A: Hey, 
C: Hey babe,
A: nice food fight don't you think XD
C: yeah you can trow very hard you know :P
A: Oh sorry babe i didn't knew i hit you.
C: its okay because you hit luke to, right in the face XD
A:realy? what did he say? 
C: he just started to laugh.

i heard Niall call my name so i dicided to go to them.

A: Sorry babe i have to go Niall calls me so he is probably hungry or he's bored :P, Byeeee xxxx
C: Okay babe talk to you later and don't start a foodfight again :) byee xx

i walked over to Niall
What is it Niall?
I'm bored so i thought that we could play Truth or Dare, he said smiling. 
Okay, i said. I quickly texted Calum

A: i told you he is bored :P
C: haha good luck with that :)

We all sat down in the "living room" and started to play Truth or Dare.

*1 hour later*

i was back in my bunk and was texting the 5sos boys when Louis dicided that he wanted to talk.
What Louis? i ask a little rude.
I wanted to talk, he said.
Its nice that you want to talk but i don't want to so go away, i said. I saw that look in his eyes again and i knew i should've had said that. He grabbed me by my arm and pulls me out of my buck. He started to hit me again and right in the eye he hit last time. When he was done he walked away leaving me on the floor with the biggest pain i have ever felt.




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