In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


19. Not going with him :(


Chapter 17

Alex POV.

We were at the airport and we were saying goodbye to the boys.

Bye Michael, see you in a week, i said not sure if i was telling the truth.

Byeeeeeee Alex, see you laterrrrr, he said back. Calum and i walked away and than Michael decided to scream something idiot.

YOU HAVE TO USE PROTECTION, he yelled with a stupid smirk on his face. I saw people looking at him like he was crazy. I looked st Calum and i saw him blushing and i know for sure that is was to. We waved at them and than we walked to the gate.

*skip the flight because i don't know what to write about it*

We were walking to get our suitcases and after we got them we called a cab. I tolt the guy were to and it would be a 1 hour drive so i layed my head on Calums shoulder and soon enough i fell asleep.

Babe, babe wake up, i hear Calum say. I opend my eyes and i saw where we were. My eyes grow big and i was going out of the cab as fast i could. I run to the door and i rang the doorbell. My mum opend the door and she just stood there. She looks at me like i was a ghost.

Mum, i said with tears in my eyes. I saw she was getting tears to. She soon grabbed me in a hug and i think the hug lasted more than 5 minutes. Calum came walking to us with our suitcases and my mum looked at him.

And who are you? she ask a little rude.

Mum, this is Calum, my boyfriend, i said with a little smile on my face.

Hi ma'am, Calum said a little nervouse.

Your boyfriend? my mum said without saying hi back to Calum.

Yes mum my boyfriend, now say hi back i mean you always learned me to be nice so you should to, i said.

Hi Calum, she said.
Sweetheart can i talk to you alone? she ask.
No i want to see dad first, i said taking Calums hand and walking past my mom. Why is she so rude? i ask myself in my head. We walked to the livingroom where my dad was reading the newspaper.
Dad? i say with tears in my eyes, I haven’t got a great bond with my mum, i love her don’t get me wrong but with my dad, he was my bestfriend and i could tell him everything. He isn’t like other dads. He won’t be over protected, he helps me when i like a boy. He give me advice and stuff like that.

He looked at me and when he saw it was me, He got up and ran to me and gave me a huge hug. I started to let my tears fall down and i started to sob against his chest. We stood there like 10 minutes. I stopped crying and stepped back.
Dad, this is Calum, my boyfriend, i said smiling.
Hey Calum, my dad said as he shook hands with Calum.
Hi sir, Calum said. I smiled and i saw my dad did to. Al my boyfriends act that way when they first met my dad. He is pretty big and if you don’t know him you would think he is a biker.
Don’t be affraid, i’m not gonna hurt you, my dad said.
Okay, Calum said a little relieved.

But Alex, your mom, you and me have to talk with each other, he said now seriously.
Ok, i said. But first i want to go to my room to clean myself up and stuff like that, i said.
Okay honey, my dad said. I took Calums hand and we walked upstairs to my room. My room has pink,black and white walls. Its a little girly but i like it so, yeah thats al that matters.
Nice room, Calum said.
I know, i said smiling. I walked over to him and i kissed him. We kissed for what seems like ages but than my mum came in.
Honey, i wanted to say that we are going out for dinner tonight so go start unpacking.
Mum… i’m not unpacking, i’m going to leave again in 1 week, i said looking to the ground.
No your not, my mum said.
Yes, yes i am mum, i’m going back with Calum to go with him on tour, i said looking at my mum.
No sweetheart, you stay here, you are only 16. I’m not gonna let you go with your boyfriend. How do you even know him, she said looking at Calum.
Mum, the day i disappeared, i was kidnaped. It was Louis Tomlinson from the boyband 1D. He took me because he thought i was beautiful and he wanted me all for himself. And Calum is in the band that opends for them on tour, and we fell in love and we are together for like 2 months, i said looking at Calum with a smile. He looked back at me and he gave me a kiss on my hair.
O my god, sweetheart come here, she said holding her arms out to give me a hug.  I hugged het back and started to cry.

*6 days later* (a/n i skip 6 days because i don't really know what to whrite)

We are almost leaving again. But what Calum don’t know about is that i’m not going. My parants said that if i would leave i didn’t have to come back. And i don’t want to lose them again. I don’t want to stay but if i go i lose my parants for good. I can stay with Calum and i can visit him. But it won’t be the same. And now, i have to tell him...

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