In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


11. My first date with Calum.

Chapter 11:

Alex POV.
Today was the day that Calum would take me on our first date. He texted me yesterday that i have to dress nice but normal. But the problem is that my eye is a little blue because Louis hit me in the eye yesterday. But i don't care, i ake something u when Calum ask what happend. So i put some black ripped skiney jeans on and a white with blue crop top. I put my white Vans on and put my make-up on and curl my hair. When i'm done i walk to the livingroom and wait for Calum to pick me up. I was sitting on the couch and was looking on my phone when louis came in. He saw my eye and he wanted to say something bt then Calum came walking in.
Hey Alex are you ready? he ask looking at me checking me out. 
Yeah lets go, i said. Whe walked past Louis and before he could even look at me we were gone. We walked to the cab. 
Where are we going? i ask.
Thats a suprise, he said. We were driving for 20 more minutes and than i saw the most beautiful fair i have ever seen. 
OMG Calum its so cute, i said. We walked around the fair and he won me a big teddybear that is holding a hart that says: I heart You. I liked it a lot. I cave Calum a kiss on his cheek and i saw that he was starting to get red. 
So what do you want to do now? he ask.
Going to the ferris wheel, i said. 
Okay, he said. I noticed that Calum tried to take my hand but that he was too nervous to actually do it, so I grabbed his hand and gave him a reassuring squeeze. He smiled at me and we walked over to the ferris wheel. 
Two tickets pleas, Calum said. i wanted to to pay for my ticket but Calum payed for me. 
Thanks, i said with a blush on my face.
Your welcome, he said also blushing. We said in a ferris wheel chair. When we came on top of the ferris wheel we looked at each other. We started to lean in but then the ferris wheel stopped and we had to hold each other because we were afraid to fall. 
Nice, i whispered to myself. Calum started to chuckle. 
What? i ask. 
Well its nice to know that you think the same as me, he said still smiling. We looked at each other and we started to lean in again.  And than we kissed. We kissed untill we were back on the ground. We called a cab and we were headig to the hotel. And we were back in his room and we started kissing again. He stopped kissing and he looked at me. 
Alex would you want to be mine? he ask.
I will, i said and i started to kiss him again. And that nigth was the best night of my life


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