In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


18. in Australia

Chapter 16

Alex POV.
We are in Australia and i like it here. Calums parents are realy nice and i also met the parents of the other boys. We leave again tomorow and than we go to my parents. But something i didn't tell Calum is that probebly my parents want me to stay home and when they want something they get is. But i dont want to stay, i want to go on tour again with Calum and the boys. I like it so much and if my parents say i have to stay home i don't know what to do. I woke up and i could feel Calums arms around me. As always he's still asleep and i'm awake. I try to get his arms of me without waking him up. But just when i try i can feel his arms getting tighter around me and than he whispert in my ear:
I'm not gonna let you go you know, he said with his morning voice.  I started to giggle and he looked at me. Every time i try to go away without waking him up he says the same thing. And i hope he will dp the same later because i love it when he does it. We looked at each other and started to kiss. We kissed passionated and he was now on top of me but just on this moment his mom decided to walk in.
Calu... i come back later, she said closing the door. I looked at Calum and he already looked back at me. We started to laugh realy hard and just than joy (Calums mom) came back. 
Calum what i wanted to say is that we are going out for diner tonight, she said looking at both of us. 
Okay mum, he said. 

The rest of the day we didnt do anything special. We packed our stuff again because our flight is going on 4 AM so we have to go early. When it was 6 PM and i decided that i'm going to get ready for dinner because we where going at seven thirty. 

*skip dressing because i don't know what to write about it*

We were at the restaurant and it was reaky fancy. And the food was delicious. Its so nice that Calums parents taking me to a restaurant like this. Its realy sweet. After diner and the ride home we decided to go to bed and we have to say goodbye now because Ashton, mikey and Luke are bringing us to the airport. I saw the tears in Joys eyes and i could see that Calum was holding his tears back. 
Call me when you to are in New York and take souvenirs for me, she said smiling with tears in her eyes. Calum walked over to his dad and Joy came to me.
I realy like it that you and Calum are together, she said. I started to smile because that means alot to me because... well she is his mother. 
I like it to, i said. And i want to thank you for diner and that i could stay here and for al the food and stuff, i said. She smiled and gave me a hug.
Anytime, she said. When we were done with saying goodbye we walked upstairs and in to Calums room. We didn't even bother to change because we are going to the airport at 1 AM and now it is 11 PM. So we have 2 ours. I set an alarm clock and than we just started to snuggle like always. And soon we fell asleep.

(hellooo, i wanted to say that i can see that this story has 186 reads but i got 7 likes. I mean i would like it if you like the story or even favorite it. It would mean alot to me if you would do that because than i know if there are people how like to read my story, but thanks anyway. Byeeeee)

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