In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


6. i'm scared

Chapter 6

Alex POV.

I'm just talking with Calum as Louis picks me up by my arm and pushes me toward a door at the back of the plane.
GIVE ME YOUR CHELLPHONE, he yells. I look at him scared and quickly do my phone in my bra. I see Louis get angrier and I find that I'm getting scared. I try to push Louis aside, but he is too strong. YOU STAY HERE, He yells to me. Suddenly I notice that I'm crying. And it happens what I didn't expect. Louis starts kissing me?!  I did not kiss him back.
He licks my lip and asks to be allowed inside but I did not let him in. But he doesn't stop. And It is getting worse. He slowly begins to feel my breasts and then the alarm in my head says this is going too far. I start to push him off me but he is too strong. Then I do something HE did not expect, I bite hard into his lower lip and he gets tears of pain.
AU YOU LITTLE BITCH! he yels to me. I push him to the side and quickly go back to the other guys. They look terrified in my direction. What happened? asks Liam. Oh, nothing. Zayn can I talk to you? Yeah sure, Zayn says.


We walk to the "kitchen" and I tell Zayn everything that just happened.
WTF I'm going to beat him up, he says.
NO ZAYN, that will only makes it worse.
But what should I do? to see how you are always afraid of him? he asks.
I want you to promise me one thing and that is to do nothing. And don't start about it with anyone, not with Liam, Niall, and certainly not Harry.
Okay, he says.
We walk back together again and I started to talk to Calum again. After a while Louis comes back and he sits down next to me. I find that I get scared again and Zayn sees it too. I'll text Zayn very quickly that he does not need to worry. Zayn read my message and goes back to what he was doing.
And then there is the same fear as I just had. Louis got with his hands between my legs not by my youknow but it is close to it. I see Zayn not looking and the others are not even here, because the other three are playing poker or something.
But just before I could even do something about it, Louis hand is on his own leg again. He stands up again and walks to his bed for the night. I can pack my cellphone and texting Zayn what Louis just did. I see Zayn read my text with wide eyes. He comes quietly sit next to me and starts to comfort me. I do not know Zayn that long time but i now sure that I can trust him 101%


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