In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


15. I'm going to tell him

Chapter 14:

Alex POV.
I just lay there on the ground. I don't want to move because it would hurt. I could hear that there is someone here. Than i could feel someones arms around me. I open my good eye and  than i saw Zayn.
Hey Zayn... how bad does it looks? i ask him crying.
Its really  bad, your eye is black and your leg is swollen, he said looking really serious. I started to cry more.
When do we stop at the hotel? i ask softly.
In one hour, he said.
I want to tell Calum, i can't lie to him anymore and i can't avoid him untill my eye is better, i said.
But if you tell him he would hate us and and, i cut him of,
Zayn you know that i can't avoid him and i don't want to lie anymore, i said crying softly.
I know, is all he said.

*one hour later*

We were at the hotel and i didn't even bother to listen to Paul about the rooms. I am going to sleep with Calum on a room and i don't care if i can or not. I walked out of the bus with my sunglasses on so nobody could see my eye. I could hear Paul and the boys yell that i have to come back but i ignored it. I walked to Calum and the boys.
Calum can i talk to you its important, i said.
Yeah sure babe, he said. We walked away from everyone else.
Calum i have to tell you the truth. I don't know the guys because they saved me i know them because, because they kidnapped me, i said. I saw that Calum was thinking and i could tell that he didn't get it.
What? he ask.
They kidnapped me because Louis made them to, he said that he thought i was beautiful and he said he wanted me all for himself but i didn't fall for him because i met you, i said and i could feel that i started to cry again.
O my god babe, why didn't you tell me, i, i, are you okay? he ask worried about me. 
Yeah i'm okay and i like al the 1D boys except Louis because he gave me this... I took my sunglasses of and i saw Calum gasp. he didn't say anything he just thought about something. Than he walked away to the 1D bus were Louis was. I followed him and i saw that the other 5sos followed to probably to see what he will do because you could see that he was mad.
Louis, he yelled. I saw at Louis face that he knew that i told Calum. And what happend next was not my intention. Calum hit Louis on his jaw and than they started to fight. Asthon and Michael tried to get them of each other but it didn.t work. Than Luke came over to me. I forget to set my sunglasses on and he saw my eye.
Omg Alex what happend? he ask.
Loui...Louis did this and i told Calum and thats why they are fighting, i told Luke. I coud see at Lukes face that he wanted to punch Louis in the face just Like Calum but he didn't. 

When they got them apart from each other they had to tell wwhat happend. When they saw my eye i had to go to the doctor for a check. After that Calum and Louis are punished and Louis has a bigger problem because he hit me. I dont't have to sleep with 1D one a bus anymore and i can stay with Calum now.

*that night*

Calum and i share a room together. After there concert we are just going to sleep, thats what i tought. They came in the livingroom and they were not tired at all. So we played some games. After that we were al pretty tired. So me and Calum walked to our room and change to our pj. We were cuddling, kissing and talking about today. 
Why didn't you tell me earlier, i could help you, he said looking at me.
I know but i was scared, i said. And it was realy sweet that you stood up for me, because i know Louis is a friend of you.
Yeah he was, he said.
Babe you don't have to be mad anymore, because he said sorry and without him i didn't knew you so i forgive him, i said unsure of what i'm saying.
I know you don't forgive him i can hear it in your voice, he said looking at me.
Okay but lets just forget everything and go on with our lives, i said giving him a kiss.
Yeah lets do that, he said. We started to kiss and its getting passionated and i now i knew for sure that Calum was the one adn that i was ready for it. 



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