In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


2. i fell asleep?

chapter 2


Alex POV.

I woke up and suddenly I see that we are in a plane. I'm handcuffed to an... arm! I look to see whose arm and then i see its Louis arm.
He sees that I'm awake and tells the rest: look she's awake, now we can introduce our selfs to her. But then again I look around and my eyes are wide with joy because I see who they are.
Eeuh louis I do not think that's necessary, fk Liam Payne says to fk Louis Tomlinson!
I think you're right Liam says the fk Niall Horan. I can not hold myself and start screaming.
YOU ARE ONE DIRECTION. But then I come back to myself and I start to get scared.
Why did you kidnap me? I ask.
Well you're so beautiful that I wanted to have you all to myself, says Louis Tomlinson to me. I look at him, but then there is an announcement that we can step out of the plane. We get together, and I see that it's a private plane. I stay for a moment to look at the plane but then Louis pulls me roughly along the handcuffs.
Ouch! Watch out Louis that hurts you jerk, I say.
Ooh you're a tough one, says Zayn Malik with a huge smirk on his face. 

Zayn stop or I'll kick you, I say. Zayn just doing his mouth open to say something but then I am lifted up by louis and I'm sitting in a car again. Half an hour later we arrive at a very large house. I look around me and I could not believe my eyes. Louis then pushes me inside. I get a tour from Harry. He shows me the living room, kitchen, garden, bedrooms and bathrooms. Then we go to the attic. I see that there is a room with a double bed and I see closet and a door. I walk in and suddenly I hear the door close and I hear the door being lockt. I beat on the door and start screaming.
I shout things like:
But then Harry comes back and he started to talk through the door. 
You can not come out of that room for now, but I can come sit there for a few days with you, but do not be upset if I can not hold myself back from you if you now what i mean, he says in his cocky voice. 

I am quiet again and than yell through the door to Harry that I'd rather die than go I'm locked with him in 1 room.
Okay what you want, clothes are in the closet and the other door in your room is the door to your bathroom.
If you want something you use the speaker in your room,  Harry tells me. I hear Harry walking away. I start slowly falling down to te ground and I start to cry. After an hour I heard someone open the door and then i see louis come in.
Sorry we have kidnapped you, but I just think you're so beautiful that I had to take you with me, louis says.
But if you just talked to me and had asked my number, I had kept my life and then i was still with my family and I had you as well.
But instead of normally asking my number you... you fk kidnapped me, I start to notice that I started to yell. Louis first looks sad and then he starts to get anger. He pulls me off the ground and give me a slap in my face. I look at him quizzically and angrily.
Do not talk to me like that.
Millions of girls would want to switch with you so you better be grateful that I chose you. He throws me back to the ground and leaves the room. He locks the door and listen how his footsteps fade.

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