In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


10. i can't deal with this

Chapter 10:

Alex POV.
As soon as we could go out of the bus i walked out of the bus and walked to the 5sos bus. I see Calum there talking to Michael, Shit. As soon as Michael saw me a smirk came on his face. Calum was with his back to me so he couldn't see me. I tapped his shoulder and he turned around.
Hey Alax whats up? he ask.
Can i talk to you, i ask.
Sure, he simpely said. I wanted to talk to you to.
Okay you go first, i said.
Okay, I wanted to ask you again if there is nothing going on with you and Louis because the boys say that they could see that Louis likes you and wanted to know if you like him back.
And, and i really like you but i don't want to go on a date with you if you like Louis because i can't deal with that because my last date didn't even like me but she liked Luke so i don't want that to happend again, he said. I looked at him, i could see the hurt in his eyes and i wouldn't want to say the wrong thing now.

Calum i swear i don't like Louis that way i, i like you, i said the last part a little shy. 
Really? he ask, you like me? 
Yeah i mean i have a feeling that i could tell you everything without being judged, i say looking at the ground because i don't want him to see that i started to get redder every second. 
I have that feeling to, he said with a huge smile on his face. We strated to lean in but then the asshole came in between.
Alex are you coming? Louis ask.  
Yes Louis i am coming soon don't wait for me, i said with the meanest voice i can use. I saw Louis look at me like if he want to slap me in the face again but he dicided to nod and to walk away. 
What was that al about? Calum ask. 
Calum i have to tell you something, i say. And i am going to tell you because i want you to know why the boys think that about Louis. 
Okay? shoot, he said.
The boys are right, Louis likes me, its even bigger, he is in love with me, but i am not in love with him, like i said, i like you. I see Calums face and i could see that he wanted to see i know it, but he didn't say anything. 
But you can't tell anyone else because he is gonna kill me when someone else knows, i said. 
Okay, he said. 

Thanks, is all i could say. We looked in each others eyes and we started to lean in again, but just before our lips touch, Luke, Michael and Asthon dicided to bully us.

Calum and Alex sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. they sing again, and again and guess what, again, i think they don't know the rest of the song. i looked at them and i could see they looked back at me and Calum.  Calum was red and i know for sure that i was to. 

Oke so when those dorks are busy with that i think we could do this. I leand in and started to kiss Calum. He didn't hesitate and started to kiss back. After a few seconds i could hear that the boys where done with singing and that they started to whistle. I smiled in the kiss and i could feel Calum smile to. We broke the kiss and looked at each other and smiled more. But before we could say something, Zayn came to me.
Alex can you come with me its important, he said and i could tell it was seriously. 
Yeah okay, i said. Sorry Calum i have to go, i said.
Its okay, he said. We started to lean in again for a quick pack but zayn pulled me along my arm towards the hotel. During the walk to our rooms we didn't say anything until we were in the elevator. 
Alex Louis is really mad and he is going to hurt you. We all saw that you kissed Calum and i could see at Louis face that he wasn't happy and he has the same look in his eyes when he hit you, he said in a hurry. I think that he could see that i was scared becaus he gave me a hug.
Zayn, i i i am scared. I don't want to go to my room, i said with a shaky voice. I know but there is nothing that i could do about it because Paul don't like it when we don't sleep in the rooms 
where we were assigned to, he said. 
I know, i said. The elevator stopped at the top of the hotel. We have the penthouse and as i walked in i looked around and i liked it a lot. It was big and it was clean and it was modern and i just like it. But before i could look around the whole place, Louis came in the livingroom. When he saw me he walked over to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me to what I think was our room for the next two days. When the door closed he hit me in the face over and over again. First he hit me with a flat hand but than he started to hit me with his fist. On my jaw and on my eye. When he was done he looked at me and he started to look calmer. His face was going from mad to guilty. He walked over to me, but i backed away.
Alex i i. Save it Louis, i said.
I didn't mean to...
NO YOU DIDN'T MEAN TO HIT ME BECAUSE I KISSED CALUM, i yelled at him. He looked at me and he wanted to say something but before he could i walked away.
Stay strong Alex don't cry untill you are with Zayn i said in my head. I walked over to Zayns room and i walked in without knocking. Zayn saw me and he didn't say anything he just walked over to me and started to hug me and to calm me down. I couldn't help it so i cried my eyes out and i soaked his whole shirt. But he didn't mind. We sat there on his bed and we didn't dare to say something because we liked the silence to much. When i was a little calmer, Zayn walked out of the room and came back with an icepack and he give it to me and i laid it on my eye. He started to hug me again and that is how we fell asleep.

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