In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


3. huh?

chapter 3


louis POV.

Why did I do that?
I really don't know. I walk down to the rest of the guys.
Hey how is she? Zayn asks.
Not so good, I say, because she was quite upset by what you said harry, i say with a mean voice. Why do you say that in your mean voice, says the voice in my head.
I'll go check on her, Niall said.
No Niall, let her, she should just get used to the idea that she's here.
She can not escape,i started to scream. 
Eeuh okay, dude calm down, Liam says to me.
What are you talking about? I am calm.
Well who wants to eat? I ask. NANDO'S screams niall.
No Niall we have been there yesterday.
Oh yeah that was nice, Naill said with a dreamy voice.

MACDONALD, Niall screams again.
No Niall we have eat there the day before yesterday Zayn says.
But where do you go then? Niall ask.
Eeuh, we can go get some food at KFC? I suggest.
Yeah, O
kay, sounds good, I hear the other 3 say.
But that I hear Niall softly say, but we've already been to KFC this week!
Ooh shut up niall, I hear liam whisper to himself. 

We're almost to the car when I think that we can't leave Alex alone.
Guys we forget Alex, I say to the boys.
Ooh yeah, I'll go get her, Harry said.
No harry you stay away from her, I say with my meanest voice ever.
Okay I'll get her, Liam said.
Okay, I say. When Liam is back inside again, I look at Harry with my stay away from her face. Harry now has a face like wtf i didn't do anything!


Alex POV.

I look out the small window on my "room" when I see Liam run back inside. 2 seconds later I hear the lock turn around and I see Liam in my "room".
What! I scream at Liam.
Uh well you can be nicer to me because we can also send Harry to pick you up next time, Liam said.
To pick me up,
where are you taking me? I say a little panicky.
Chill we just go to have lunch, Liam says.
Ooh, okay, haha, I say. I look Liam a little embarrassed, and then he begins to laugh. Just when
 he wants to say something we hear Zayn screaming that we should hurry up.
shall we go than? Liam said.
Okay, I say to him. He let me go first and than he runs after me. But when i come outside the first thing Louis does is grabbing my upper arm. Hello to you to louis. 

He stops walking and starts scream whisper in my ear. 
If I were you I'd be careful with what you say, I can give you a lot more hurt than I just did. He pushes me quietly towards the car and as soon as I sit in the car and Louis also the car begins to move. 

Where are we going to lunch? I ask Zayn.
Well we thought of KFC, Zayn says.
Ooh okay, I've never been there, I say. Suddenly I'm having to hands on my shoulders and then suddenly Nialls face is very close to mine.
YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO KFC!!!, He screams in my face.
First I take his spit of my face and then I say quietly to him, no never, why? Is that a bad thing?
Uh, yeah, KFC is great, Zayn says with a weard face.
Ooh okay haha, i said a little embarrassed.

2 minutes later just before we go out of the car the boys put sunglasses on and they also give me one. Why do i have to wear one? I am not a big popstar but you are,not me,i say to them. 

Well because you have to, so just put them on, Louis says to me with a mean voice. I sigh and then put the sunglasses on.


(authors note: hello, if you've read the story can you leave comments on what you want to happen and what you like and do not like the story)

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